Theatre Kids Get Classy

12.18.2011Okay. So, this actually happened 9 days ago, but I am finally finding a chance to write about some of the lovely events (as well as some of the other things) that have been going on lately. I apologize again for the delay, but I am a college kid after all, and this is finals season. But more about that later. For now, letÂ’s talk about fun times! Like Studio Theatre Semi-Formal, which was Friday the 9th. I told you about shopping for BridgetÂ’s dress, but now for the event itself. Well, that night before the formal itself, a big group of us decided to go out to eat at Sake, a Japanese steakhouse across from The Greene. The party included: myself, my date Pat, Jojo and Becca, Kyle and Liz, and Patrick and Bridget. It was funny because all of the guys are living together next year, so one of them said it was a preview of family dinners! Anyway, the food was delicious. We all got Hibachi, which is where the chefs cook right in front of you and do all sorts of fancy knife tricks and make volcanoes out of onions. IÂ’m always afraid of singing my eyebrows when they light the grill on fire, but everyone walked out with two brows and full stomachs, so I think it was a success. After, we decided to get dessert from the Cheesecake Factory and we ate it at Yogurt Mountain inside the Books & Co. I mean, it was 8 pm on a Friday so there was no way we were getting a table at the restaurant. Plus, it was pretty fun to see peopleÂ’s reactions to us all dressed up and sitting at the yogurt place. Then, we thought it would be cute to take pictures in front of the giant Christmas tree in the middle of the plaza. Which, it was fun, but horribly cold at the same time. Then we practically sprinted back to the car (which was a challenge in heels) and headed over to EmilyÂ’s house for the semi-formal. We spent the night hanging out and admiring everyoneÂ’s attire and just generally de-stressing for the looming finals week that followed. It was a really great night, actually. ItÂ’s always one of my favorite events of the semester because itÂ’s nice to see everyone looking fancy and having fun!