Trees, Fishbowls, and Stones

09.25.2009"If you've read my previous blogs, you know my friend Jessie and I are going to be producing a show tentatively titled ""The Adventures of Treevis"" for Flyer TV this semester. And, I'm pleased to announce that we've begun filming! Wednesday we took some shots of our friend and star of the show, Travis, climbing a huge tree in KU field (that's how he got his nickname, Treevis). It was really funny because while we were filming there was a big group of students playing Ultimate Frisbee in the field right next to us and they were getting distracted by Travis. One of the guys asked, ""Is he a trained professional?"" Haha, of course he is! He is Treevis after all. We also did a mini version of Cribs with Travis, taking a tour of his room in VWK.

We still have a lot more filming to go, but at least we've finally started. After all the filming, we still have to edit everything together, which we'll do in the Fishbowl (the Flyer TV Headquarters) in KU on the editing computers. We still need to learn how to edit, though, using a program called Avid. Hopefully it doesn't take too long to learn how to do that...But, I'm excited nonetheless! Not only is the show going to be hilarious to film and watch, but it's a great jump start for our resumes. How many students can say they've written/directed/produced/edited a full television series before graduation? I think that's one of the best parts about UD--you get hands on experience from the very beginning and get to learn every aspect of the field.

It also helps that I'm taking Basic Video Production this semester, because that's the class where I'll learn how to use all of the equipment, edit, direct, etc. In fact, I had my first taste of directing in a studio during class on Tuesday. It was a little nerve-wracking to know that all of the crew people were taking my directions and doing what I told them. Basically, if they messed up, it was mostly my fault. But, never fear, everything went alright. Of course I made some mistakes and had to start over a few times, but we all made it through alive! We're getting ready to start our first assignment in that class--directing a talk show in a team of two. Jessie is my partner for this project, too. We haven't decided anything else yet, like who our crew will be, but I think it's going to be an interesting experience.

So now you know that I actually do have classes (I don't think I've written about any classes except for this one yet, haha). I promise there are more...17 credits in fact. But more about those later. As for now, I have to get ready for tonight, because it's...drum-roll please...opening night for Eurydice, the show I've been rehearsing for! I will be playing the part of the Loud Stone and I'll be sure to post how it goes. Until then, adieu.