Two Jordans and a "Little Hell"

11.22.2011An innocent attempt to enjoy music took a wild turn when Megan and I went to Cincinnati on Saturday night. We drove down to Cincinnati to see City & Colour live at Bogart’s. To preface this story, I’d like to say that I had never been to Bogart’s prior to last weekend and that I’ve been waiting five years to see this band in concert. Continuing, we arrived around 8 pm for the 9 pm concert and the line to get in was already super long. We drove around for a minute trying to find a place to park, and after having no luck, we decided to park at the Walgreens down the street thinking that everything would be fine. Then we waited in line for about 30 minutes. About halfway through the line, Megan and I saw that someone had dropped her driver’s license and $50. We were planning on giving it to the Box Office so that she’d get it back, but I told Megan that it would be easier if she was looking for it and we just ran into her. Not one minute later a girl walks by looking distressed and resembling the girl on the ID. Megan chased her down, and it turned out that it was her! Enter: Jordan number 1. She thanked us profusely, and we felt pretty good that we’d done something nice. Paying it forward, you know? About 15 minutes later, as we were about to go in, we saw a sign posted outside the venue that said if you park at the Walgreens or UC campus you’ll get towed. Of course we decided to go back to move my car, because we obviously didn’t want to deal with that. Imagine our surprise when we got to the lot and my car was nowhere to be found. Yep. It had already been captured by the city of Cinci. Wait, what about good karma?? After talking to an extremely unhelpful and rude cop in Walgreens, we called the towing company who told me to get a cab to their lot and bring $110 to exchange for my car. I’m sorry, WHAT?! Yeah. So, Megan Googled a cab number and called, and when it arrived we ended up sharing with a nice kid (Jordan #2) whose car had also been snatched. Then commenced the terrifying 15-minute cab ride through Sketchtown, Cincinnati, USA, eventually ending at a dead-end street, chain-link-fenced towing yard on the right and curious, Cinci locals watching from their porches on the left. We paid the cab driver and called the company to let us in, standing outside for what seemed like ages. Eventually, he pulled up in his truck (towing a really sweet Mustang), demanded my money, and told me after he had it I could walk through the creepy lot, past the giant dog that was chained up and barking, and go get my car. I followed instructions, but Jordan didn’t have cash on him, so I ended up Googling a bank, driving him to the ATM, and returning him to the tow-yard. All I have to say is thank goodness for smart phones, because honestly, without them, we might still be lost. Additionally, the entire time I couldn’t help singing the City & Colour song “Little Hell” which goes like this, “…Will we get out of this little Hell?...”. I mean, really? We finally got back to Bogart’s at 10 pm and parked in the UC parking garage because there was no way I was risking getting towed again. We were sure that we had missed at least most of the show, considering we were an hour late. But by some miracle, when we got in they were still setting up City & Colour’s equipment—we had only missed the opener. There’s the karma I was looking for. After all of the night’s turmoil and distress and anxiety, the show was worth it. Seeing “Hello, I’m in Delaware” live made my night. And I learned a few lessons, too. 1) ALWAYS check parking signs. 2) ALWAYS keep extra money in case of emergencies. 3) NEVER go to shows at Bogart’s…ever again. 4) Stay calm, use your resources, and don’t ask Cinci cops for help. 5) Smart phones are kind of the best things ever.