UD Goes Google

11.14.2011After what seems like ages, UD is finally making the transition to Gmail! Hurrah! Having just made the switch myself last year, I have to say that I’m excited. Gmail is so much easier to use than the current Lotus Notes Client and it has tons more space too. In honor of this switch, UD Media Production Group (my workplace) is creating a webvideo to let people know how everything is going down. We had our shoot on Friday interviewing some of the IT Specialists who gave us the skinny on how to prepare and what to expect when the switch happens over Thanksgiving break. I ran the teleprompter for the shoot, and my coworker Dana was the resident anchor. We set-up in the IT Call Center, which is a tiny tiny room in the basement of Miriam Hall. And let me just say, with all of that equipment and all of those lights, that place was like a mini inferno. Despite the heat, the shoot was really fun and we all had some laughs. The video is currently in post-production now (aka Brian is working his media amalgamating magic) and I’ll try to post a link as soon as its up so that you all can check out our handiwork. And, of course, get ready for the Gmail invasion!