Une Famille pour la Voyage!


When I go to France I won’t be homeless! Of course, I knew I wouldn’t be, but I just got an e-mail with the contact information for my host family for my trip in July. This is super exciting news because it makes the trip that much more real. I keep saying things like, “when I’m in France” and “I’ll need this for France,” but it’s still one of those things that’s kind of in the back of my mind and doesn’t seem real yet. In reality, I’m leaving in 1.5 months. Whoa. That’s simultaneously extremely exciting and kind of terrifying.

But, news of my host family is super awesome and puts my mind a little more at ease. IÂ’m going to write an e-mail to Madame Dominique Roulet (thatÂ’s her name! How French is that?!) introducing myself very soon. Of course I will have my professor look it over for me so I donÂ’t sound too informal or make stupid grammatical mistakes, but I will be super excited to hear from her as well. IÂ’ll be sure to send more updates as things happen in preparation for the trip, and I will let you know all about Mme Roulet as well!