Visitors from Home!

09.26.2009Last night was opening night and it went so well! I was a little nervous, but after doing the pre-show warm-up ritual I was super psyched to get on stage. It was so different to perform the show in front of an actual audience who had reactions to what was going on. For example, there was lots of laughing, which was fantastic, but not exactly expected. Reed, the director, kept telling us that it was a funny show and that the Stones in particular are a big source of comic relief, but after seeing the audience reaction I actually believe him. I never thought stones could be funny, but apparently we are!

Tonight is going to be my favorite performance, I think, because two of my best friends from home, Shae and Renee, and my mom, dad, and brother are all coming to see the show! I miss them so much and I can't wait for them to get here. My friends should be on their way very soon, hopefully they'll be here around noon, and my family is coming around three so we can go out to eat before the show. I'm very close to my family so even though we're only two hours apart, it's difficult being away from them. But, it makes it that much more exciting when I do get to see them. Tuesday was the first birthday that I've spent away from them--last year it fell on a Friday so I went home for the weekend--so I'm really glad that the show dates for Eurydice are this weekend.

I'm sure I'll have more to say after tonight, but for now I've got to finish drinking my tea with honey (helps conserve the voice) and get ready for my friends and family's arrival!