Toronto was great, this summer will be even better...

04.14.2010The trip NSBE took to our first international conference, in Toronto, Canada was great. I attended a workshop sponsored by Cummins one day, an engine company, on the topic of Strategic Career planning. The presenter spoke about how to make your mark in your company and how to properly navigate the corporate scene so that you can achieve your goals while being an asset to the company. It was very helpful. I now have more of a plan on how I can make law school appealing to an engineering company. I also attended a resume workshop where industry professionals from companies such as HP, Pratt & Whitney, and Cummins critiqued NSBE member's resumes. I received great feedback from a recruiter for Pratt & Whitney and he also was interested in my revised resume so that he could forward it to some hiring managers. At the career fair I spoke with companies like Apple, Texas Instruments, AMD, and Lockheed Martin. I'm currently in the process of following up with the contacts I made and seeing what opportunities they have for an engineer looking to pursue a law degree. We stayed in the Hilton down town and were within walking distance of all the night life Toronto had to offer. We spent the majority of our time in workshops and the career fair but when the night hit we hit the night scene and lived it up. One night we met up with some of our MEP faculty and went to this nice Indian restaurant. This was the first time I had curry and I enjoyed getting to know some of the faculty on a personal level. Once we got back to the states I made moves for my summer plans.

I sent in a scholarship application for The Princeton Review's LSAT prep class that is being offered this May on campus. Since I plan to go to law school, I want to get it funded as much as possible and this Princeton Review class will give me the best chance at doing that. The scholarship will make the class affordable and since the class is offered at night it won't interfere with work. I have to focus and make the best of this since I'll be taking the LSAT both in June and October of this year. I've taken the practice LSAT and didn't do as well as I wanted but that's why I'm taking the class; to get better. This summer is going to be a great one since I'll be making strides towards my future goals and also because I'm going to be a camp counselor for the summer Minority Engineering Program camp.

This is where entering freshman come to campus for a weeklong camp where they meet some of their professors, take some intro classes, and bond with one another and upperclassmen so that when they come to campus they have a network of people they already know. I went to this camp when I was a graduated senior and it was the best experience of my life. Some of my lifetime friends were made while I was at this camp and I recommend all admitted Minority Engineers to attend this camp; it will help with your transition into college. Well, now I'm going to get my study on! Exams around the corner, :-( ,but at least there's the summer, the beginning of my race to law school!!!!!! :-D