Quick Tip Tuesday: Computer care in the Summer

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One of the most important aspects to computer care, other than specifically internal or external - is something that affects both. Heat is a large fac... More

Tech Thursday: Free Digital Magazines, Movies & Shows fromů. Your Library?

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Many Public Libraries are moving into the new digital age and offering some great online resources.  So if you don’t feel like getting in ... More

Service Desk Spotlight: Adam Walter

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Name: Adam S. Walter Major: Mechanical Engineering Technology Year: Senior Hobbies: Disc Jockey / Soccer Ref / Ultimate Frisbee / Prototyping How ... More

UD: Did you Know? - Gaming on Campus

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Did you know? The following devices are supported on campus: Microsoft Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One Sony PS2, PS3 and PS4 Nintendo Gamecube, Wii and ... More

Mac Monday: Go beyond the basic Info

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You use File > Get Info on Finder items, right? It opens the Info window for the selected item, which provides all sorts of…well, info. You... More

Dayton Life: Summer!

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We are finally into the days of steadying temperatures (aside from the mornings), and Spring and Summer fun can commence once again. Typically, we wou... More

Service Sunday: Computer Scrub

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We've covered some tips here in the past that tell you how to clean the inside of your machine (and the 2nd page of this article is no different), but... More

Quick Tip Tuesday: Windows 8 Tips!

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Have you ever been confused or feeling like you need help with the Windows 8 operating system? The page we've linked to below gives you inportant inf... More

Tech Thursday: Increase iOS Storage

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Have you ever been out of storage on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad? This little trick will allow you to store more files than you ever thought possible o... More

Service Desk Spotlight: Jon Morgan

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Name: Jon Morgan Major: Entrepreneurship Year: Sophomore Hobbies: Latest technology and cars How long have you been at UDit? Almost a year W... More

UD: Did you Know? - Senior User Accounts

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Attention all Graduating Seniors! One of the most commonly asked questions we receive is "how long until I can't log into Porches?" or "Do I still hav... More

Mac Monday: Open files with the app you choose

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A document usually knows what app created it, so when you double-click the file, that app opens. But what if you don’t have the parent applicati... More

Dayton Life: Dayton Dragons

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The Dayton area over the last decade has become one of the most successful spots in the world in one major area - Minor League Baseball. The Dayton D... More

Tech Deal Tuesday

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We always try to keep you all updated with the latest in Tech deals and discounts, and this week is no exception! Check them out! This installment i... More

Fun Friday: More Deals!

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Lifehacker is a site designed to help you optimize all the little things in life - whether that be getting you a deal, to a small DIY solution that ca... More


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