Mac Monday

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Welcome to another Mac Monday entry!!  Today we will be giving you some tips and tricks catered to all our Mac users out there. This post focuse... More

Teach me Tuesday

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Duck Duck Go: A Safer Way to Search We dedicate the month of October to Cyber Security each year in the United States.  In recognition of this... More

Fun Friday: Xbox smartglass

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Fun Friday: Xbox SmartGlass Will McClure At the E3 press conference, the Xbox smartglass was shown in tandem with the new Xbox One (see our previous ... More

Quick Tip Tuesday: Computer Running Slowly?

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 Ugh. The worst feeling in the world. A computer that is running slowly. There are probably a thousand different reasons as to why computer te... More

Service Desk Spotlight: Emi Banke

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Name: Emi Banke Major: Early Childhood Education Year: Sophomore Hobbies: reading, talking, and laughing How long have you been at UDit? &#... More

Protecting Your Mac Hard Disk on the Go.

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When you want to transport any laptop, it is safest for the hard disk if you shut down the computer before you close it up and walk off with it.  ... More

Life in Dayton, Ohio

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In upcoming weeks there are several events that exhibit some of the best that Dayton and the surrounding communities have to offer, be sure to check t... More

Quick Tip Tuesday: Got Windows 8?

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Here are some small tips and tricks on how to navigate around Windows 8. Hopefully these helpful hints make your life a little easier! Need To Find S... More

Day in the Life: Helping UD compute

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The UDit Service Center was featured in the UDQuickly's Day in the Life Series. Check it out here!! Day in the Life: Helping UD compute... More

Service Center Student Spotlight: Kathryn Schilling

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Name: Kathryn Schilling Major: Pre-Medicine/Psychology  Year: Sophomore  Hobbies: Is Pinterest a hobby?  How long have you been at ... More

Quick Tip Tuesday!! Free Training Class for Students

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It's time again for Quick Tip Tuesday!!!! This weeks tip comes in the form of a training opportunity for students!! The UDit Service Center is offerin... More

Service Center Student Spotlight: Blake Stegemiller

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Name: Blake Stegemiller Major: Management Information Systems with a Concentration in Cyber Security Year: 3rd (Junior) Hobbies: I am really big in... More

Girl Scout Cookie App

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Did you miss your Thin-Mints or Tag-a-Longs this year? Ever wonder how to get your Girl Scout Cookies on campus? Well the new Girl Scout Cookie locato... More

Spring Cleaning!!!!

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Get ready for spring with the UD Tech Shop. From March 18th-22nd, the UD Tech Shop will be having a 10% off sale on all of their laptop cleaning suppl... More

Computer Safety 101 Lesson 2: Back up your data!!

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Unlike our computers, our data is not replaceable. Do you want to protect that research paper you've been working on all semester or the irrep... More


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