Get Ready for GRAD FAIR!!

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Grad Fair is a great place for graduating flyers to get information on what they need to do before and after graduation. It's also where you get your ... More

Mac Monday!! Let's learn about the Dock.

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Welcome to the first of many Mac Mondays!! Once a month we will give you some tips, tricks or information for all our Mac users out there. This post f... More

Computer Safety 101 Lesson 1: Cover Your Bases

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Insurance: This will cover everything that your warranty does not. That spilling it, dropping it, or theft. Locks: This keeps honest people hones... More

Quick Tip Tuesday!!

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This is the first of the monthly Quick Tip Tuesdays!!   Help!  My iPhone is slower than molasses in January. Perhaps you are running o... More

Fun Friday

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02.22.2013 | Fun Friday

It's time for Fun Friday!  Once a month we will be hosting Fun Friday.  Posts will feature what's new and exciting in the technology... More

Tech Shop Thursday!!

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Howdy Wired Flyer Readers!! I’d like to introduce you to Tech Shop Thursdays. Once a month we will give you a glimpse into some of the products ... More

Welcome to the UDit "IT" Blog

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The “IT” blog is here to help you. As a fellow Flyer, we aim to provide relevant, interesting technical information to meet a va... More

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