Quick Tip Tuesday: Got Windows 8?

Here are some small tips and tricks on how to navigate around Windows 8. Hopefully these helpful hints make your life a little easier!
Need To Find Something Specific?
  • Press Windows Key (navigate to the Start Screen)
  • Just start typing what you are looking for!
    • Ex. Need to uninstall a program?
      • Windows Key - > Type "Uninstall a program" -> Select Settings (since what we are looking for is a setting, not an app) -> Select "Uninstall a program"
Stuck in an App? Need to get to the Desktop?
  • Press "Windows + D"
Want An Easier Way To Shutdown / Restart?
  • Right click in the lower right corner and select Shutdown / Restart.
If I missed anything that you might need, just comment down in the bottom and I can answer your questions! Until then, there are plenty of good YouTube videos that give good advice on how to productively use Windows 8!


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