Dayton Flyers Logo

Appropriate Usage

The Dayton Flyers logo is the official logo of the University of Dayton athletics department. It is the preferred logo on all materials. The Dayton Flyers logo most commonly appears on white or very lightly colored backgrounds.


Approved Logotype Color Variations

Although the three-color version of the logo is the preferred logo, the two-color version may be more appropriate in certain applications, such as on television, in newspaper ads and on some merchandise. If the three-color version is difficult to read or reproduce in an application, use the two-color logo.

Use the link at the end of this section to download these logo files.


If University of Dayton colors are not available, the logo should be reversed on dark backgrounds (with a 60 percent drop shadow) or solid black on light backgrounds (with a 40 percent drop shadow).


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Color Variation Examples

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Dayton Flyers Logo Clearspace & Minimum Size

The clearspace around the logo is intended to maintain the logo's integrity and to avoid visual confusion. No other type or graphic element (including folds, trims or edges) should fall within the clearspace. The clearspace for the Dayton Flyers logo is based on the height of the "A" in the word "DAYTON" and scales proportionally to the size of the logo.

To ensure maximum readability, the Dayton Flyers logo must be at least one inch wide.



It is very important that the University of Dayton's Dayton Flyers logo be used consistently and in strict adherence to the guidelines in this manual. For this reason, it is essential that the logo is not altered in any way. Demonstrated below are unacceptable variations of the logo.