Portrait Photography

Style & Content

Portrait photography in undergraduate materials should ultimately convey—through individual human subjects—the University's sense of warmth, thoughtfulness and focus.

Below are samples of portrait photography shot for the undergraduate brand. Athletics portrait photography should be created in the same style.


Portrait Photography Style & Content Examples

  • example image


Portrait photography can (and should) be used in combination with conceptual and general photography in athletics branding materials. When selecting images for a layout, it is very important to consider pacing, both within single layout and from page to page throughout an entire piece.

For example, you may want to use a large portrait shot as the focal point of a spread supported by a general shot. Then, you may follow that photography with a spread of general or conceptual photography. Other portrait variations and diversity should also be incorporated during pacing, such as the races, sexes and ages of the subjects depicted as well as the academic disciplines and campus locations in which their portrait is set, in order to properly convey the depth and breadth of the University of Dayton community.