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Scheduling Registration

Walk in hours during registration:
Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm

Or set up an appointment with an advisor: or 937 229-2065

Steps to register for classes

  1. View courses offered and other registration information at the Registrar's web site
  2. View your Degree Works degree audit online at
  3. Work your way down your degree audit to fill in the blank spots.
  4. Go to to view the courses and sections that you are interested in taking.
  5. Meet with your academic advisor to go over questions, etc. or stop in room 211 to pick up your registration pin number.
  6. On the day and time of your registration, log on -> Academics tab and select your courses.  (Your day and time is displayed when you log on to the registration site.)

If you have any trouble contact the Advising Center.

What to do if all your classes are closed:

Select another SBA degree requirement and schedule that!

  • Work down your degree audit.
  • You must have the prerequisites to schedule any class!

Go to the Department office offering the class you really want to take

  • Ask to be signed into a section.  Or...
  • Ask to be added or add yourself to a wait list (if there is one). There may be an electronic wait list available.

Continue to check course availability on-line

  • You can add the course up to the day before classes start.

Come to the Advising Center 

  • There will be an advisor to help you get a complete schedule of courses that will fill an SBA degree requirement
  • We cannot simply create seats in classes and override the departments.  You need to go to the department for classes that are closed or get on an electronic wait list, if available.
  • Do not take a random course!  Take ones that will help you complete your program, on-time.
  • Read all e-mails for further instructions regarding course availability, wait lists, etc.