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Internal Transfer Process


To apply for transfer into the School of Business Administration from another unit at the u:

Students must first attend an initial internal transfer meeting with an Academic Advisor in the School of Business Administration.  Call 937-229-2065 or stop in Miriam Hall Room 108 to schedule this initial SBA internal transfer meeting.

Minimum requirements:

  • Minimum cumulative UD GPA of 2.7
  • Successful completion of an appropriate UD Math course such as Calculus, C+ or higher in MTH 116 or 128, or B- or higher in MTH 207. Note: Math courses taken at another college or university will NOT be considered.
After initial evaluation of the student’s application:
  • Completion of an acceptable “What If” academic planning assignment for a business major
  • Completion of an acceptable resume, which has been uploaded into Career Services’ Hire-a-Flyer system

Students are not transferred and are not in the School of Business Administration until all of the requirements have been met, the student has met with a School of Business Administration academic advisor for the initial meeting and final review, and the student has received an acceptance confirmation via email from the SBA. Until that time, the student remains an Arts & Sciences, Education & Health Sciences, or Engineering student.


Students interested in transferring must:

  • Schedule an initial internal transfer meeting by calling 937-229-2065 or stopping by the School of Business Administration Advising Center in Miriam Hall 108.
    • These meetings are normally held twice a week during the academic semester and by appointment during the summer months. Additional meetings will be scheduled to accommodate students who cannot meet during a normally scheduled time.
    • The purpose of the meeting is to explain the business curriculum and the transfer process.
    • Students who are competitive for transfer will be reviewed by the Advising Center after the initial internal transfer meeting.
    • Students who lack the minimum requirements to apply for transfer will be asked to schedule another academic transfer counseling meeting when they have obtained the minimum requirements to transfer, if they remain interested in transferring. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the SBA Advising Center once they meet the minimum qualifications. A student who does not meet the minimum qualifications will not be reviewed for admittance into the SBA.
  • Students who meet the minimum requirements for transfer will be given instructions during their initial transfer meeting on completing an academic planning assignment and uploading their resume into Hire-A-Flyer.
    • Once the academic planning assignment is completed by the student and their resume has been uploaded and printed off, the student is asked to set up one final meeting with an academic advisor in the SBA Advising Center.
    • At this meeting the student will review his/her academic planning assignment and internal transfer process status with their impending academic advisor in the School of Business Administration (based on intended SBA major).
    • Once the academic planning assignment and resume are deemed acceptable by the SBA Advising Center and all evaluation criteria have been reviewed, a decision will be made to accept or not accept the student.  The academic advisor will notify the student of this decision at the conclusion of their final internal transfer meeting.
    • Students in the Internal Transfer Process remain students in their respective schools (Arts and Science, Education & Health Sciences, Engineering) until the SBA officially notifies the student that they are accepted into the SBA.
  • Applicants should exhibit professional behavior throughout the transfer process.


For Applications to Transfer:

Evaluation criteria for acceptance into the SBA will consider the successful completion of each step in the transfer process, academic evaluation, and completeness of the academic planning assignment and resume. In addition to considering earned UD cumulative GPA and UD math classes completed, the SBA will also consider SAT and/or ACT scores, the student’s high school record and other information in the application. Approvals to continue to the next phase of the process will be limited by the enrollment space available.

For Academic Plans and Resumes:

Evaluation will be based on the same criteria used to grade academic plans and resumes in BAI 150, Business Academic Planning, which all first year business students complete. *These requirements are graded assignments in BAI 150. If needed, students will have the opportunity to review their academic planning assignment and resume with a peer advisor before submitting to an academic advisor for final review. SBA Peer Advisors are located in Miriam Hall #108 during regular business hours.


Until all requirements for transfer are met and the student is officially notified of acceptance into the School of Business, students are NOT in the School of Business Administration. Students must consult with their current academic advisor (Arts & Sciences, Edu. & Allied Prof., Engineering) and ask him or her to approve the courses they select during registration. The SBA’s Academic Advising Center will review and provide comments on the students projected course selection and pass these onto the student’s current advisor (if asked to do so).  Students must consult with their current academic advisor and obtain their registration advisor approval code from their current school/advisor, not from the School of Business Advising Center.

The Internal Transfer Process is included in the University of Dayton Catalog.

If a student has completed 60 hours or more and has not met the criteria to be considered for transfer into the School of Business, the student will no longer be considered for transfer and must find another major that is not part of the School of Business Administration.

(Updated June 2012)