Aerial photograph of the Immaculate Conception Chapel

Would you like to make a difference by serving with the UD Center for the Integration of Faith & Work?

Opportunities exist to join a committee that will help individuals strengthen their faith, develop education programs for the Center, create community and shape the future. Based on the calling of your heart, you can pursue the projects in the UD Center that you feel are most meaningful.

Committee Opportunities:

Formation of Faith Committee

Your role is to help UD students & working adults strengthen their faith.
Support our 2nd annual Faith at Work Breakfast event and Fall symposium event
Create connections between students & working adults, possibly through Dayton Rotary & Rotaract and speaking in the MBA Principled Organizations class

Quality Education & Programs Committee

Your role is to provide an integral quality education
Develop courses, workshops or seminars for the Center to offer to faculty and community related to the integration of faith/work, ethics and business as a calling
Audit and evaluate the work of the center including events, website and outreach

Family Spirit Committee

Your role is to educate in family spirit
Identify national & international resources for partnerships
Engage the community through activities, programs
Investigate and benchmark best practices at other Universities related to integration of faith and work, business as a calling and ethics

Social Service, Justice, and Peace Committee

Your role is to educate for service, justice, and peace
Identify mission-based programs to be hosted by the center and work with other social justice initiatives, Catholic charities and Good Samaritan hospital to develop resources and offerings
Host a distinguished speakers series and special events on service, justice and peace topics

Adaptation and Change Committee

Your role is to educate for adaptation and change
Sponsor and promote research on spirituality in the workplace, perhaps by collaborating with UD faculty/staff and other local organizations
Publish a journal related to topics in ethics, the spirituality of business, the integration of faith and work and business as a calling
Develop a ‘Walk the Talk’ program for local businesses

As a Committee Leader and Member, you are invited to attend the quarterly breakfast Board meeting for the Center for the Integration of Faith and Work. At these Board meetings, you will learn of other committee activities and expand your networking.

Time involvement: Monthly meetings to advance your committee work and individual project time

Benefits: Pursue your personal interest in integrating your faith and work
Connect with others who have strength of purpose and a desire to make a difference
Guide the direction of the University of Dayton’s Center
Make a difference in your community by expanding the expectations of ethical practices in the workplace
Identify practical applications for faith at work

If interested, contact: 
Rand Oliver