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Applying to the Major

Deadline for Application
February 14, 2014. The application period is now closed.

Who is Eligible to apply
You must be a first-year student who is either a Business student or who will be fully transferred to the School of Business by the beginning of the next fall semester.  A GPA of 2.7 or above is required to apply. 

The Application
The on-line application consists of three steps and involves answering a series of questions in addition to submitting a resume. The first part of the application asks for your personal and contact information along with questions about Entrepreneurial activities you might have already engaged in.  The second is a series of questions designed to help us learn more about your knowledge of entrepreneurship and any entrepreneurial experience you might have.  The third part requires you to submit a current resume to accompany your application. You application will not be considered without an accompanying resume.

The application MUST be completed in its entirety in one sitting.  You cannot save the application and come back to finish it later.  You can, however, use cut/paste to formulate your answers in Word then insert them into the application.  Please make sure all questions are answered completely!  Some of the things you will be asked to provide for the application are:

*Complete home and campus contact information
*Your ACT composite or SAT verbal and math scores
*GPA after your first semester freshman year at UD
*Other majors you are considering if double majoring
*Your extra-curricular activities and your entrepreneurial interests and activities in high school and at UD
*Why you wish to study entrepreneurship
*A statement and explanation of your short- and long-term career goals

The Decision Process
The Admissions Committee looks at the entire record of each applicant and focuses on a variety of criteria (e.g., academic performance, understanding of and commitment to entrepreneurship, etc.) before making a decision. Applicants may be required to interview in person as well to gain further insights and assess interpersonal skills.  Please note that admission to the Entrepreneurship major has become increasingly selective.  We reserve the right to limit incoming class size due to space and other resource limitations.

Continuing Program Requirements
To be accepted and to remain in the major, entrepreneurship majors must maintain an overall minimum GPA of 2.7. You must be in your freshman year applying before the start of your sophomore year. Sixty-seven students were accepted as sophomore ENT majors for the 2014/2015 academic year. The average GPA of these students was 3.4.

Finally, by applying to the ENT major, students are agreeing to abide by ENT program rules in all respects if they are admitted. That includes understanding that the ENT program is a 3-year, cohorted, lockstep program. For example, ENT majors MUST take MGT 220/221 during their first year in the program (typically Sophomore year), MGT 320/321 during the fall term of their second year in the program (typically their Junior year), and MGT 430 during the spring term of their third year of the program (typically their senior year). Put simply, students must go through all ENT courses with their class cohort unless highly unusual circumstances exist (e.g., they fail a pre-requisite and must repeat a course).

If you have questions about the application, please email or call 229-3745