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About the Program

Get a multidisciplinary education that prepares you for the world of business. The international business program offers a very flexible degree that allows you to choose among a number of career preparation options.

With a major in international business, you are prepared for graduate work in international business - you can enter the private sector international job market or begin a career in state and federal government agencies around the world.

Your preparation will have you ready to enter a robust international market. More and more companies are requiring some international experience as a prerequisite for advancement to top executive positions. And students from a proven program such as UD's have a clear advantage in this growing market.

To enhance this experience, our students take advantage of several international exchange opportunities for a chance to study abroad. And rather than spending just part of a summer, as many schools do - at UD you get the option of attending a foreign university for a full semester. You may do this independently, or you can take advantage of one of the exchange agreements we have with a number of schools worldwide.