Students majoring or minoring in leadership will develop understanding and competencies in motivation, group dynamics, team processes, cross-cultural management, employee training and development, and organizational design, development and change.

A key component of the curriculum is the "bookend" experience that begins in the first semester of the junior year with co-registration in organizational behavior and managerial skills. Knowledge, skills and abilities gained in these two courses will be reinforced throughout the remaining leadership courses, and leadership majors are required to demonstrate working competencies in these areas in subsequent courses. To complete the "bookend" experience, leadership majors will register in their senior year for the capstone course, Seminar in Experiencing Leadership.

The management faculty strongly recommends that students completing the leadership major also complete a major or minor in another business discipline. Other majors or minors that are complementary include entrepreneurship, marketing, finance, operations management, accounting or MIS. A leadership major combined with a major or minor in a business function creates an outstanding combination for employment.

Program Requirements

Program requirements can be found in the online Bulletin. Simply select the area of study and click "Explore".