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Opportunities & Activities

Get more than your foot in the door — get ready for success. Our opportunities and activities prepare tomorrow's business leaders. You'll gain valuable business insights, experience the spirit of service and develop priceless personal connections while having fun too.

Department Competitions

Put yourself to the test in the Everest Real Estate Competition for entrepreneurship majors, the P&G Marketing Challenge for marketing majors or even the UD Business Plan Competition which is open to all students at UD. You can prove yourself worthy, win some money, earn a fantastic line for your resume, and have fun doing it in the process!

Entrepreneurship Club

Get an edge in entrepreneurship. Hear from guest speakers, visit local entrepreneurial companies and attend the National Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization (CEO) Conference. All majors and graduate students can join.

Family Business Forum

This two-day annual program brings together parents of entrepreneurship students who are running family businesses. On the first day, groups of parents share their experiences about starting and running their businesses for all students. On the second day, students read and discuss a case about the challenges associated with dividing up ownership of the business between family members who are and who are not involved with the business. The forum provides an outstanding opportunity for students to grasp the complexities associated with running family businesses.

Flyer Enterprises

This company consists of eight student-run businesses operating on campus under the Flyer Enterprises name (these range from a cafe to convenience stores to coffee bars). In fact, Flyer Enterprises is the sixth largest student-run business in the country and is open to all undergraduate students at UD. With annual sales of approximately $1.3 million, many majors from our department are routinely involved as managers in Flyer Enterprises. Flyer Enterprises is a great opportunity - after all, how many students can list running a $1.3 million business on their resumes?
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Internships & Co-ops

You have the opportunity to participate in resume-building, experience-enhancing internships and cooperative education during the summer or school year. Immerse yourself in business, gain new insights and determine what type of job you're really interested in. You may even find a position before you graduate.
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Junior Entrepreneurship Mentor Program (JEM)

The program provides a unique mentoring experience for our sophomore entrepreneurship students. Selected junior entrepreneurship majors are assigned to mentor a Sophomore Experience company team for the entire academic year. The logic behind this students-mentoring-students program is that JEM mentors are in a terrific position to help since they have already successfully completed our demanding Sophomore Experience course sequence (a one-year course where sophomore entrepreneurship students conceive, organize, launch, operate and harvest a for-profit company).

Marketing Club

Benefit by belonging to the world's largest, most comprehensive professional association of marketers – The American Marketing Association. Hear speakers on topics like advertising, media marketing, sports marketing and international marketing. Spend time with professionals who work in your area, interact with other business organizations and see how marketing fits into the big picture. Plus, you get stuff – like subscriptions and software.

Mu Kappa Tau

As a member, you are recognized for your outstanding academic achievement in the field of marketing. Inductees to this national academic honor society for marketing majors have a 3.25 GPA or better. For additional information, contact Dr. William Lewis.

UD Business Plan Competition

The School of Business Administration at the University of Dayton hosts an annual Business Plan Competition (BPC). For the 2009-2010 BPC, first place will win $20,000.00 and over $30,000.00 in total prize monies will be awarded. The BPC involves teams investigating the feasibility of a new venture and constructing a plan for launching the venture using common formats and guidelines. Because writing a comprehensive business plan can seem daunting, entry is simple and applicants receive built-in support throughout the entire process of developing a winning plan. Indeed, outstanding business plans often attract funding from investors, something that could eventually spur job creation and economic growth in a region.
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