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Friday Afternoon Breakout Sessions


"What Is the Future of Finance?"
John Rogers, CFA, President & CEO, CFA Institute

Five years after the global financial crisis, the finance industry continues to grapple with a crisis of trust. The great challenge for finance professionals is to rebuild a financial industry that serves economic progress and meets the needs of society. The 30-year era of financial capitalism – featuring outsized growth in financial institutions and leverage – is over. We now have an opportunity to shape an era of fiduciary capitalism. This requires us to change our organizational cultures, and pushes the finance industry to start thinking like stewards, rather than agents. In this lunchtime talk, Mr. Rogers addresses the powerful undercurrents that will reshape the finance industry.

FRIDAY – MARCH 28 – Afternoon

PLEASE NOTE:  Breakout registration will open on Tuesday, March 4. Registrants will be sent an e-mail that announces the opening and provides instructions for registering. You must complete your breakout registration by Monday, March 10, at which time the online registration system will close.

Session I:  12:30 – 1:45 p.m.
Session II: 2:15 – 3:30 p.m.
On our registration website, you’ll have the opportunity to select two from the following list except where noted.

Workshop: Constructing a Value Stock Portfolio

Presented by:  James B. Hagerty, CFA, Investment Advisor & Principal, Bartlett & Co., Cincinnati, OH
Workshop Description:  Review and discuss portfolio management from a value perspective, focusing on the insights of Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffett. Incorporates top down and bottom up analysis.  Learn how various “value” disciplines, benchmark issues and risk considerations/results are applied. 

Workshop: Ethical Dilemmas in Investment Management

Presented by:  Michael G. McMillan, Ph.D.,CPA, CFA, Director, Ethics and Professional Standards, CFA Institute, Charlottesville, VA
Workshop Description:  Thriving financial markets require a culture where investment professionals place trust, transparency, and investor interests first—no matter what the incentives.  That’s why a commitment to professional ethics that advances fair and efficient markets is at the core of everything CFA Institute does.  This interactive presentation examines several investment scenarios based on real cases that challenge participants to consider the various courses of action to address the issues involved. This breakout is offered only once, during Session I from 12:30-1:45.

Workshop: Equity Research - Want to Pick Stocks? Forget Wall Street

Presented by:  Bryan Engler, Equity Analyst, Great Lakes Advisors, Chicago, IL
Workshop Description:   Want to become a successful stock picker? Stop thinking about stocks as pieces of paper, stop listening to Wall Street, and start focusing on what quality businesses look like. This class will walk you through what to concentrate on when analyzing a business and what to ignore. Particular attention will be placed on how to handle the uncertainty in pricing risks and returns. At the end, the class will be opened for Q&A. 

Workshop: Fundamentals of Private Equity

Presented by:  Nicholas A. Peters, CPA, Managing Director, Tricor Pacific Capital, Lake Forest, IL
Workshop Description:  An overview of Private Equity: what it is, how it works, risks and returns. 

Panel Discussion: Social Media & the Markets - Don't Tweet Like a Twit

Moderator:  Michael Earlywine, Head Trader North America, Ecofin Inc., New York, NY
Keith Bliss, SVP, Director of Sales & Marketing, Cuttone & Co., Inc., New York, NY
Jeffrey Carter, Partner, West Loop Ventures, and Co-Founder, Hyde Park Angels, Chicago, IL
Bruno del Ama, CFA, Chief Executive Officer, Global X Funds, New York, NY 
Workshop Description:  How financial professionals use and monitor social media. Who they follow on a daily basis and why. The future of social media and finance – what do you need to know to stay out of trouble and mine real information from the noise.

Workshop: Lifting the Hood - A Deep Dive Into ETF Mechanics

Presented by:
CJ Nesher, CIMA, CFP, Vice President, Training & Development, iShares by BlackRock, San Francisco, CA
Joe Capka, Analyst, Product Research & Development, BlackRock, San Francisco, CA 
Workshop Description:  A hands-on workshop covering how investment management firms build, trade, and manage Exchange Traded Funds.  The session will include an interactive case study on the ETF product development process, from initial research and index selection to fund launch and product management.

Workshop: Use of High Yield & Emerging Market Debt in Core Bond Portfolios

Presented by:  Christopher T. Vincent, CFA, Head of Fixed Income, Investment Management Group, William Blair & Company, LLC, Chicago, IL
Workshop Description:   The evolution of fixed income portfolio management into the modern ‘unconstrained” incarnation includes moderate, and sometimes significant, allocations to the “plus” sectors of the bond market.  Allocations to high yield (HY) and emerging market debt (EMD) require a global, holistic approach to investing.  This perspective will benefit mutual fund shareholders and clients, and make you a better investor.

Workshop: Hedge Funds — Liquidity as an Investment Style

Presented by:  Peter Schaffer, CFA, FRM, CHP, Chief Operating Officer & Director of Risk, Zebra Capital Management, Milford, CT
Workshop Description:  Liquidity is an important indicator of long run equity returns and is increasingly accepted as a new investment style rivaling size and value.  The academic research paper “Liquidity as an Investment Style” was recently selected as the best article in the Graham & Dodd Awards, a CFA Institute program honoring the top articles published in the FAJ each year. This workshop will explore Liquidity as an alternate style and will discuss the relative performance of less-liquid publicly traded stocks and how risk and liquidity need to be managed so that investors can maximize the expected return/risk/liquidity trade-offs. There will also be a review of the strategy implementation in the context of a global long/short hedge fund.

Workshop: Technical Analysis

Presented by:  Dave Johnson, Instructor, Investools, Salt Lake City, UT
Workshop Description:  As the old adage goes, “Fundamentals tell you what to buy, technicals tell you when.” This workshop presents some rudiments on how to identify buy and sell signals based on the market’s price action as well as technical indicators. Examine fundamental charting techniques that allow you to make predictions about stock behavior and develop well-informed entry and exit strategies. Presented by Dave Johnson, one of Investools most accomplished instructors and an investment professional with more than 30 years’ experience.

Workshop: Buying Equities and the Brain - How Behavioral Finance Impacts Our Trading Decisions and Our Profits

Presented by:  Jonathan Citrin, Founder & Executive Chairman, CitrinGroup, Birmingham, MI; Adjunct Faculty of Finance, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI
Workshop Description:  Stock investing is a constant mind game; media, “market gurus”, product pushing, and our own emotional involvement all weigh heavily on our ability to prosper.  Learn to silence the noise and get out of your own way – pick stocks and invest with a new understanding of markets and yourself.

Workshop: The Power of Moats - Competitive Advantages Drive Superior Performance

Presented by:
Carr Lanphier, Equity Analyst, Morningstar, Inc., Chicago, IL
John Zecy, Equity Analyst, Morningstar, Inc., Chicago, IL
Workshop Description:  Carr and John will discuss Morningstar's Economic Moat framework and how to apply it to selecting great companies. They will share specific examples that illustrate how Moats can improve investment outcomes. 

Workshop: Public Finance

Presented by:  Timothy P. Offtermatt, Senior Vice President, Stifel, Nicolaus & Company, Incorporated, Cleveland, OH
Workshop Description: 

Workshop: Electronic Futures Trading Simulation

Presented by: 
Kevin Falkman, Product Specialist, CQG, Inc., Chicago, IL
Anthony James Stavros, Manager, CQG, Inc., Chicago, IL
Curt Zuckert, Manager, Channel Partner Management, CME Group, Chicago, IL 
Workshop Description:  “Electronic Futures Trading Simulation” will allow session participants to trade CME Group’s E-Mini S&P 500 Stock Index contract in a real-time, simulated environment utilizing CQG’s front-end system. Session hosts will provide commentary on topics surrounding the market conditions occurring that day, along with other relevant market fundamentals and factors. Q&A time will be allotted during the session. Very limited seating. Students only. Due to the limited capacities of both simulation sessions, registrants are not permitted to sign up for both this afternoon Futures trading simulation and the morning Forex trading simulation. One simulation per customer only, please, while space is available. 

Workshop: Where to Go in the Financial Services Industry and How to Get There

Presented by:
Yonhee Gordon, CFP, Principal & Chief Operating Officer, JMG Financial Group, Ltd., Oak Brook, IL
Katie M. Kissell, Business Development Associate, Aurora Investment Management L.L.C., Chicago, IL
Workshop Description:  This session will examine the differences between investment management and wealth management, and between an RIA and a broker-dealer in an effort to familiarize students with career options and assist them in identifying associated career paths. The distinctions among professional designations and their relevance to those career options will also be discussed. Interviewing tips and techniques will be offered to conclude the session.

Workshop: Understanding & Interpreting Economic Indicators

Presented by:  James M Baird, CPA, CFP, CIMA, Chief Investment Officer, Plante Moran Financial Advisors, LLC, Kalamazoo, MI
Workshop Description: 
The session will focus on a range of key economic indicators and their usefulness in evaluating the current economic environment. We will also discuss their potential impact on the capital markets and decisions around investment portfolio construction.