Students headed to the Career Fair

Nationwide Job Search Strategy for Teachers

  1. Upload your resume and portfolio material in the Hire a Flyer Network.
  2. Attend UD’s Education Fair.
    Recent UD Education Career Fairs have included school districts from Michigan, North Carolina, Alaska, Florida, Texas, Georgia, Illinois and Maryland.
    • Talk to as many people as possible about your job search.
    • Search the Alumni Career Network in Hire a Flyer to make new contacts and ask questions of UD alumni teachers in your field.
    • Talk to the contacts you made through your observations, field experiences and student teaching.
  4. Search the national database of job banks to find districts with job openings.
    States with rapidly growing populations, such as California, Texas, Nevada, North Carolina, and Florida, are experiencing chronic shortages.
  5. Upload your resume into one or more of the many education job sites.
    National Teacher Recruitment Clearinghouse has links to many sites:
    Some other sites include,
  6. Check with state departments of education to find out about certification, etc.
  7. Send letters of inquiry, resumes, credential files, and transcripts to each school district of interest.
    Send applications to central offices, since most school districts centralize personnel functions.
    Call ahead for names and addresses.
  8. Attend job fairs sponsored by the state, universities, or associations.
  9. Respond to advertisements in newspapers, online boards, etc.
  10. Follow up on each submission with a personal note, call or e-mail to remind the district of your interest and to check on your status.
  11. Contact the career centers of colleges and universities in your search area.