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Employing Students 101

The University of Dayton is committed to employing students — and making the process as simple as possible for supervisors like you.

The hiring process begins when you post an available position through the student employment office. Once your position has been reviewed and approved, you will be able to review student applications online. Before your chosen student(s) can begin work, they must complete required paperwork.

You will find the steps for posting positions and hiring students in the following documents:

Personnel Action Forms (PAF's) should be used to terminate students who no longer work for you and for pay increases.  If a student performs a one-time job over a one-day period, then a PAF can be completed for a one-time check. However, the student MUST have a Form I-9 and tax forms on file with Student Employment before performing the one-time job. If a job will be performed over a period of several days, then the position must be posted as it does not qualify for a one-time check.  

Paper time sheets for students should only be used when a student has missed the deadline to submit time through porches.