Leaders aren't born.
They're made, right here in Dayton.

At the Center for Leadership, we're more than just an educational opportunity for Dayton area businesses. We form a real, working partnership between leading organizations and the nation's top thinkers in leadership development. We create educational programs and services designed to improve the success of our partners' organizations and of our world's future.

As a shared corporate university, we bring non-competing organizations together to create something unique and highly successful something none of us could create on our own. Our efforts to come together and educate each other yield productive, new experiences that improve these organizations from the ground up.

We do this with help from the nation's top thinkers in leadership and executive development. Hailing from Harvard University, McKinsey & Company, the Center for Creative Leadership and more, these experts lead some of our programs and network with our partners, providing new opportunities and insight for all of us.

What we do here reflects the philosophy of leadership that comes from our Catholic, Marianist heritage at the University of Dayton. Our leaders are stewards for the many gifts of our diverse community. By combining these talents with real effort and a genuine hope to succeed, our partners can come away with a vastly improved leadership and executive model and we can play our part in transforming today's corporate culture.

Find the next step in your leadership journey.

Executive Development Programs
  • Interested in seeing the new 2014 Executive Development Program calendar and descriptions, click here.
Emerging Leader Certificate Program
  • A successful January cohort is underway, and applications for the Emerging Leader Program, starting in August, 2014 will begin soon.
Supervisory Leadership Certificate Programs

Professional Development Programs

  • Interested in our seeing our 2014 Professional Development Programs, click here.
  • April 29, 2014 - Going from Peer to Supervisor
  • May 1, 2014 - Emotional Intelligence: Becoming More Effective in Reaching Others
  • May 6, 2014 - Customer Service: Developing Customer Loyalty for Life

Developing leaders at every stage.

To ensure our programming is a fit for your skills, objectives and leadership potential, we offer programs for three stages in the leadership journey:

  • Emerging leader programs are ideal for top performing leaders with 10 or more years experience and an advanced degree or combined equivalent experience. Emerging leaders have been identified as individuals with the potential to advance into an executive role.

Now you don't have to wonder what it's like to have teams of experts at your disposal.

In addition to our large-scale leadership development programs, our team offers resources that will meet your organization's individual needs and enhance your success.

In-house Programs
Customized specifically for you, we offer programs that can be delivered at our Center or right on your organization's home base. Our partner organizations can tailor their training services to meet your specific needs, markets and objectives or train a specific group or team.

Business Research and Survey Administration
The Business Research Group is a part of the University of Dayton's highly acclaimed School of Business Administration. The Research Group's staff provides research and consulting services for a variety of organizations, including private businesses, government agencies and nonprofits. From initial planning to the final report, they can provide you with valuable, critical information that can improve the efficacy of your teams, projects, management systems and more.

Additional Resources
The Center for Leadership is also happy to connect you with the University of Dayton's MBA program. AACSB-accredited, the program is designed for graduate-level education in the Dayton area. You can schedule orientation sessions or take advantage of guidance from top business faculty, who can work with staff and provide specialized support to partner organizations.

While you employ them, we hope to be your partner in their success.

At the Center for Leadership, we do whatever we can to accomplish three key goals for our partners: develop outstanding leaders, create flexible solutions and deliver actionable results.

What does that mean for you? Well, it can mean a lot. Customized training that's designed for your business will improve leadership at every level -- vertically and horizontally. That's essential for success. Large workshops and tailored, individual programs will foster creative answers to the questions in your business, and fixes to any problems. People at every level of your organization will have access to experts, professional conferences and customized educational programs -- all close to home, avoiding unnecessary travel and expenses. Plus, partners share costs across several organization, making the Center's services an outstanding value for your investment and your business will reward you with plenty of returns.

Partnership with the Center for Leadership means more than the occasional seminar or training session. It's a rolling process that's dynamic and produces real results.


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