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What can we do to help you today? We're ready to provide answers to your questions and track down information and forms you need. We've included some of the most frequently called departments and the most-sought after info. If you don't see the department or program you're seeking in the list below, tell us. We'll point you in right direction.

Main Contact

University of Dayton
300 College Park
Dayton, OH 45469

Phone: 937-229-1000

Frequently Contacted Offices

There are offices on campus that receive a high volume of inquiries. Browse through the list below to find the office you need.

Undergraduate Admission

Graduate Admission

School of Law

Financial Aid

Alumni Outreach

Annual Giving


  • 800-543-4825


Student Support Services

  • 800-259-8864

Graduate Department of Education

  • 800-259-8710

Media Relations

  • 937-229-3257
  • 937-229-3391
  • 937-229-3256

Student Mailing Addresses

Need to send a birthday card or a care package? Mailing addresses are different based on what kind of housing a student has—see the examples below to find the format you need.

Residence Halls

Student Name
Founders Hall, Room #
PO Box 8805
Dayton, OH 45401-8805
Student Name
Marianist Hall, Room #
PO Box 8812
Dayton, OH 45401-8812
Student Name
Marycrest Hall, Room #
PO Box 8802
Dayton, OH 45401-8802
Student Name
Stuart Hall, Room #
PO Box 8804
Dayton, OH 45401-8804
Student Name
Virginia Kettering Hall, Suite #
PO Box 8803
Dayton, OH 45401-8803
For UPS, FedEx or other private carrier to the residence halls, replace PO Box # with:
Student name
Residence Hall, Room #
University of Dayton
300 College Park
Dayton, OH 45469

Campus South Apartments

Student Name
311 Irving Avenue, Apt #
Dayton, OH 45409

Garden Apartments

Student Name
Street Address, Apt #
Dayton, OH 45409

Houses and Artstreet

Student Name
Street Address, Apt #
Dayton, OH 45409