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Mini Course Program Fall 2013

Minicourses are developed and offered by UD faculty, or sometimes the courses are proposed by students with the advice and consent of a faculty member. These proposals are reviewed and approved by the Committee on Mini Courses (COMC). More minicourses may begin throughout the semester. Check with Special Programs and Continuing Education for additional course listings. The Flyer News will also list added courses in the classified section.

Minicourse credit hours are based on contact hours. You must attend all the classes in order to receive the credit. It is possible to audit most minicourses.

Minicourses are free of charge if you are a full-time UD undergraduate, even if it puts you over 18 semester hours.

To register for a minicourse, get a drop/add form from Flyer First Registration (St. Mary’s Hall Room 411). Mark “Minicourse” and complete the form. Then have the form signed by your dean or advisor. Take the form to Flyer First Registration for processing. While no payment is necessary, remember, if you want to drop a minicourse, you must file the usual drop/add form or an “F”  will appear on your grade report.

Life Skills for First-Year Student Athletes

UDI 145
Section M1 meets Aug 21 - Dec 5, 2013, Mondays 7:30 - 8:20 PM
Section M2 meets Aug 21 - Dec 5, 2013, Tuesdays 12:00 - 12:50 PM
Section M3 meets Aug 21 - Dec 5, 2013, Wednesdays 6:30 - 7:20 PM
Instructors: Heather Hogan
Location: Frericks Room TBA
Department or Center: Athletics

Focus will be on the unique transitions that student-athletes face upon entering college. Student-athletes will explores several aspects of college life such as time management, peer pressure, diversity and leadership (Class limit:20)

Grading Option 2, 1 sem. hr.


Choosing a Major

UDI 166
Section M1 meets Sept 23 - Nov 18, 2013, Mondays and Wednesday 2:00 - 2:50 PM
Instructor: Mark Sisson
Location: TBD
Department or Center: Counseling Center

This course is designed for the freshman and sophomore student who has yet to decide on an academic major or career path. We will investigate personality type, interests, values and skills, and help the student develop a more specific focus on their future career choices. (Class limit: 24)

Grading Option 2, 1 sem. hr.


The Art and Science of Learning

UDI 175
Section M1 meets Aug 21 - Dec 5, 2013, Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:00-9:50 AM
Section M2 meets Aug 21 - Dec 5, 2013, Tuesdays and Thursdays 3:00-3:50 PM
Section M3 meets Aug 21 - Dec 5, 2013, Mondays and Wednesdays 10:00-10:50 AM
Instructor: Duce Coudret, Zelda Smith
Location:ArtStreet, Studio B
Department or Center: Office of Student Learning Services

Students in this course will explore topics related to learning and the brain as well as a wide variety of strategies and techniques for improving their own learning.Pre-Req: Must be a current UD student. Seats filled with new first-year students admitted into the FIRST Program. (Class limit: 12 per section)

Grading Option 1, 2 sem. hr.


Junior Achievement Economic Education Project

UDI 185
Section M1 meets Various dates/times, arranged with the Instructor
Instructor: Barbara H. John
Location: Miriam 109 (TBA)
Department or Center: Department of Economics and Finance

This course provides a unique opportunity to do "service learning" in area elementary schools. UD students present six short modules covering basic economics topics using materials provided by the Junior Achievement organization (designed to complement the Ohio state curriculum requirements). UD students from any school or major are welcome. Participants -- working in teams of 3-4 UD students -- gain valuable experience in making presentations and more importantly, the satisfaction of motivating young students to stay in school and envision a better future.

Grading Option 2, 1 sem. hr.


Financial Strategies for the "Real World"

UDI 202
Section M1 meets Sep 17 - Nov 19, 2013, Tuesdays 6:00 - 7:30 PM
Instructor: Amy Cline
Location: Marianist Hall 217
Department or Center: Department of Economics and Finance

Credit cards, car loans, 401ks, retirement benefits, mortgages, As Students, you may have never had to deal with any of these financial services. However, as soon-to-be college graduates, they are all just around the corner. This course is designed to teach students how to take care of their own finances by giving answers to all their financial questions.  We will spend a great deal of time talking about healthy vs, unhealthy financial decisions and the rewards and consequences that come from these decisions. (Class limit: 25)

Grading Option 2, 1 sem. hr.


Intro to Principles of Liturgy for Christian Musicians

UDI 247
Section M1 meets Aug 21 - Nov 20, 2013, Time and Day TBA
Instructors: Kathy Sales, James Pera
Location: Liberty Hall 01
Department or Center: Campus Ministry

This course provides the liturgical background and knowledge for the new undergraduate music ministers who will be chosen by auditioning in spring 2013 and will be leading/directing music at liturgies on campus.Selection will be in spring 2013.

Grading Option 1, 1 sem. hrs


Vowed Women Religious: Communities and Charisms

UDI 271
Section M1 meets Sep 3 - Oct 29, 2013, TBA 3:00 - 4:25 PM
Instructor: Kelly Adamson
Location: TBA
Department or Center: Religious Studies

This course will explore vowed religious life of women’s communities in the Roman Catholic Church. It will include a brief historical overview and will then focus on the charisms of several women’s religious communities today, paying particular intention to those that are active in the United States and especially on campus. The course will include a required live-in experience with a community of the student’s choice. (Class limit: 15)

Grading Option 2, 1 sem. hr


The River Steward Experience I

UDI 315
Section MI meets Aug 23 - Dec 6, 2013, Fridays 3:00 - 5:00 PM
Instructor: Leslie King
Location: Zehler Hall 104
Department or Center: College of Arts and Sciences

A classroom experience for First Year River Stewards. This course focuses on leadership development in the pursuit of education, experience and action within the community. Open to first year River Stewards only. (Class limit:20)

Grading Option 2, 1 sem. hr.


Wines of the World

UDI 350
Section MI meets Sep 9 -Nov 4, 2013, Mondays 6:00-7:15 PM
Instructor: Thomas Davis
Location: ArtStreet Studio C
Department or Center: MIS/Decisions Sciences

This is a course for those who are convinced they will appreciate wines more if they learn more about wine and its history. This course will be a journey where we will share what we discover as we travel together over the wine roads of many nations. In addition to our reading and discussions we will share three experiences along the way. The first will be a component tasting where we will examine the individual tastes, aromas, and sensations that come with both good and bad wines. Next we will have a formal wine tasting to explore the properties of red and white wines from several different countries. Finally we will share a dinner where the several courses have been matched to one or more wines. Must be 21. Lab Fee: $90.00

Grading Option 2, 1 sem. hr.


UleaD: A Leadership Program for Emerging Leaders

UDI 363
Section MI meets Aug 21 – Nov 20, 2013, Wednesdays 3:00 - 5:00 PM
Instructor: Daria-Yvonne Graham
Location: ArtStreet Studio B
Department or Center: Student Development

The UleaD course is carefully structured to explore concepts of leadership. Facilitated as an emerging leaders program, UleaD focuses on providing opportunities for students to develop a better understanding of self and others, strengthen leadership skills and network. (Class limit: 15)

Grading Option 2, 2 sem. hr.


Faith, Vocation and Leadership 1

UDI 364
Section M1 meets Aug 25-Dec 1, 2013, Tuesdays 6:00 - 7:30 PM
Instructor: Maria Ollier Burkett
Location: Faith, Vocation and Leadership House
Department or Center: Program for Christian Leadership

Students explore topics such as community, prayer, and Christian servant-leadership in an effort to understand and engage in communal faith development and vocational discernment. The class is limited to juniors and seniors living in the Faith Vocation and Leadership House. (Class limit: 7)

Grading Option 2, 1.5 sem. hr.


ArtStreet Experience

UDI 371
Section M1 meets Aug 21-Dec 5, 2013, Tuesdays 9:00 - 10:00 PM
Instructor: Brian LaDuca
Location: ArtStreet
Department or Center: ArtStreet

ArtStreet residents will work collaboratively and independently to provide, experience and reflect on multi-faceted arts programming, enhancing their creativity, cultural literacy, awareness of diversity, community building skills and expressive abilities no matter what their major course of study is. Prerequisite: ArtStreet resident. (Class limit: 58)

Grading Option 2, 1 sem. hr.


International Films

UDI 382
Section M1 meets Sep 5-26, 2013, Wednesdays 6:00 - 9:00 PM
Section M2 meets Oct 10-31, 2013, Wednesdays 6:00-9:00 PM
Section M3 meets Nov 7-Dec 5, 2013, Wednesdays 6:00-9:00 PM
Instructor: James Farrelly and Jeff Geers
Location: ArtStreet Studio B
Department or Center: English Department

An advanced look at the multitude of significant films that are made around the world. Each film screened will be examined from historical, religious, philosophical, cultural, literal and artistic standpoints with the assistance of panel discussions led by faculty members from the Humanities. Permission required.

Grading Option 2, 1 sem. hr.


Servant Leadership Seminar for REAL Dayton Leaders

UDI 390
Section MP meets Aug 21 - Oct 21, 2013, Dates and Times by Arrangement with Instructor
Instructor: Kelly Bohrer
Location: Liberty 08
Department or Center: Center for Social Concern, Campus Ministry

In this service learning course, approximately 13 students are selected to be the REAL Dayton. Leaders will enhance, incorporate and reflect upon servant leadership skills to be effective leaders for this fall break program. Also during course meeting time, the leaders will work as a team to develop and plan the service projects, reflection activities and educational opportunities for the REAL Dayton program. At the end of the course leaders will reflect on the service projects completed during the REAL Dayton, the effectiveness of the program for UD students and their own experience as servant leaders.

Grading Option 2, 1 sem. hr.


Dayton Civic Scholar Experience

UDI 392
UDI 392 I Section MP (Sophomores) meets Aug 30 - Dec 6, 2013, Fridays 3:00 - 5:00 PM
UDI 391 III Section MP (Juniors) meets Aug 30 - Dec 6, 2013, Fridays, 3:00 - 5:00 PM
UDI 398 V Section MP (Seniors) meets Aug 30 - Dec 6, 2013, Fridays 3:00 - 5:00 PM

Instructor: Alexandra Robinson
Location: St Joseph Hall Room 23 and 25
Department or Center: Fitz Center for Leadership in Community

This service-learning course fulfills the meeting requirements for the Dayton Civic Scholars program and combines classroom discussion, required reading and community speakers to help students integrate academic learning with service learning. Emphasis is on social justice and urban issues in the City of Dayton. Requirements include 60 hours of volunteer service and conference attendance OR an internship, a structured reflection journal, required readings, class participation, and a senior capstone project. Only open to Dayton Civic Scholars. (Class limit:50)

Grading Option 2, 1 sem. hr.


Community Service Internship

UDI 393
Section MP meets Aug 26 - Dec 11, 2013, Wednesdays 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Instructor: Cindy Currell
Location: Zehler 104
Department or Center: Fitz Center for Leadership in Community

This service-learning course, which is only open to students in the Semester of Service program combines community service with reflection. Requirements include 450 hours of direct community service, an observation/reflection journal, required readings, a short story written from their community service experiences and class discussions on related issues. Only open to 5 students in the Semester of Service program. (Class limit: 5)

Grading Option 2, 3 sem. hr.


Forum for Young Catechetical Leaders IV

UDI 419
Section M1 meets Aug 24 - Nov 23, 2013, Saturdays 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Instructor: Sr. Angela Zukowski, MHSH, D.Min.
Location: Marianist Learning Space
Department or Center: Institute for Pastoral Initiatives

This is the fourth of four parts of the Catechetical Program preparing students to become outstanding catechists. It addresses the key themes of The National Directory for Catechesis regarding: Discipleship (Catholic Moral Life), Catholic Social Teachings and Catechetical Planning. Themes include: a) Developing a Pastoral Catechetical Plan; b) Call and Challenge of Discipleship; c) Catholic Social Teachings; and d) Communications technology and Catechesis. The FORUM is held in Marianist Hall Learning Space four Saturdays a semester. (Class limit: 40)

Grading Option 1, 1 sem. hr.