Karen Bahr

Administrative Support Staff
College of Arts and Sciences: Criminal Justice, Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work


Karen is the senior administrative assistant for the Criminal Justice Studies Program. She joined the CJS program in October 2013. She previously worked for UD from 2000-2010 in the Department of Biology as a senior administrative assistant and office manager.

Staff Perspective

I am so happy to be back at UD. I love working in the Criminal Justice Studies Program. I enjoy working with the students, faculty and staff, who keep me on my toes but yet continue to keep me "young."  I plan on finishing my degree and get my minor in CJS, which I started many years ago. Criminal Justice has always been a passion of mine so working here makes it very rewarding. The program is made up of a fantastic group of people. I enjoy listening to music and since the program director has a radio show, he shares his new discoveries with me. I love watching football on the weekends and playing with my energetic bichon frise, “Maddie.”