Martha Williams

Full-Time Faculty
College of Arts and Sciences: Global Languages and Cultures


Martha Williams' love affair with Spanish started early, when she was an exchange student in Panama as a teen. Her love of Spanish has continued throughout her teaching career in Colorado, Georgia, and Ohio. She has been fortunate to have been able to study and teach in Puerto Rico, Peru, and Chile and to have traveled in Europe and Latin America. Martha retired from the Dayton Public Schools as a Curriculum Supervisor in Foreign Languages and English as a Second Language and now enjoys teaching Beginning and Intermediate Spanish at the University of Dayton.

Faculty Perspective

UD is my only experience with a private educational institution in this country, and the culture of this campus is significantly different from any I have known previously. I am consistently awed by the community spirit, the sense of pride and commitment demonstrated by students and faculty alike, and the increasingly important role that UD plays in the greater Dayton area. I am always humbled by my students who take seriously their responsibility to "Learn, Lead and Serve" by participating in volunteer work here and in missions abroad. I feel extraordinarily fortunate to be a part of the UD family. My enjoyment in teaching is summed up by a bulletin board announcement I walk past every day, "Love Spanish? Teach it." When I read it, I smile to myself because that is what I do.

Courses Taught

  • SPN 101: Beginning Spanish
  • SPN 131: Intensive Fundamental Spanish
  • SPN 141: Basic Proficiency in Spanish
  • SPN 201: Intermediate Spanish I
  • SPN 202: Intermediate Spanish II


  • M.Ed., Wright State University
  • M.A.T., Georgia State University
  • B.A., SUNY at Albany