Linda Fiorita

Administrative Support Staff
College of Arts and Sciences: Physics


Linda Fiorita joined the physics department at the University of Dayton in July of 1987. Her career began at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base as a scientific-technical secretary. She is a current member of the Professional Office Personnel (POP) on campus, and has been since its formation. She has served on various committees within POP and has served in the officer capacity as both president-elect (1998-1999) and president (1999-2000) of the POP. She is also currently a member of the Hay Evaluation Committee, which is responsible for job classification placement for the administrative support personnel on campus. She has taken advantage of many workshops and software classes, and has received the designation of a Certified Professional Secretary through the certification process.

The Staff Prespective

I have been with the physics department at UD for 15 years. I thoroughly enjoy working for the chair and all those that make up the department. I have also enjoyed working with and helping the many students throughout the years. I have always tried to go the "extra mile" for the students. I have been a friend, confidant, and yes, even Mom to many of these students. They are all very special to me and I have gained so much from them, by them allowing me to be a part of their lives.

I appreciate the Marianist lifestyle and for what the Marianists stand for on campus. They family-oriented, caring, concerned nature of those on campus has kept me here for 15 years. I never hesitate to recommend UD to my friends for either their children to attend here, or for employment. There have been many incidents over 15 years to support this philosophy. It is a university that walks the talk, and I do believe it is contagious!

I have been able to take advantage of many of the educational opportunities that have been offered for the support staff here at UD. This has allowed me to grow and be more open to the many changes that have come about in the years of my employment on campus. I have enjoyed being a member of the POP and also serving in the officer capacity in POP. I believe that POP has opened many doors and allowed many opportunities for the support staff to be be a part of on campus. I appreciate the opportunity that I was given to become a Certified Professional Secretary. I believe this certification has helped me and others to become more versatile, well-rounded individuals.

I am always open for improvement and change on campus, because I know they will support all of those who endeavor to step out and try.