Michael F. Gorman

Full-Time Faculty
School of Business Administration: MIS, OM and Decision Sciences, Online MBA


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Courses Taught

  • BAI 151 - Business Integration Experience
  • DSC 210 - Statistics for Business I
  • MBA 617 - Business Process Improvements
  • MBA 691 - Analytic Framework for Business Decision Making
  • OPS 350 - Business Process Management
  • OPS 495 - Capstone OM Project


  • Indiana University, PhD, 1994
  • Indiana University, MA, 1990
  • Xavier University, BS, 1987

Professional Activities

  • Deputy Editor, Acting Associate Editor, Interfaces, 2008-2011.
  • Editor, Management Insights, Management Science, 2010-2011.
  • Editorial Review Board Member, Journal of Operations Management, 2008-2010.

Selected Publications

  • Gorman, M. F., Kanet, J. J. (2011). An Evaluation of the Causes and Cures of Bullwhip Effect.  To appear in Production and Inventory Management.
  • Gorman, M. F., Crook, K., Sellers, D.  (2011). North American Freight Rail Industry Real-Time Optimized Equipment Distribution Systems: State of the Practice. Transportation Research, Part C, 19, 103-114.
  • Gorman, M. F., Sellers, D., Acharya, D. (2010). CSX Railway Cashes in on Optimization of Empty Equipment Distribution. Interfaces, 40(1), 5-16. 2009 Edelman Award Finalist.
  • Gorman, M. F. (2010). Hub Group Implements a Suite of OR Tools to Improve Operations. Interfaces, 40(5), 368-384. 2009 Wagner Award Finalist.
  • Gorman, M. F. (2010). The University of Dayton Operations Management Capstone Course: Undergraduate Student Field Consulting Applies Theory to Practice. Interfaces, 40(6), 432-443.
  • Gorman, M. F. (2009). Statistical Estimation of Line Congestion Delay in U.S. Freight Rail. Transportation Research, Part E, 45, 446-456. 
  • Gorman, M. F., Hoff, J., Kinion, R. (2009). Tales from the Front: Lean Case Studies Indicate that You Can Have too Much of a Good Thing. Interfaces, 39(6), 540-548.
  • Gorman, M. F. (2008). Effective Integration of Technology into Business Statistics. INFORMS Transactions of Education, 9(1), 10-19.
  • Gorman, M. F. (2008). Evaluating the Public Investment Mix in U.S. Freight Transportation Infrastructure. Transportation Research, Part A, 42(1), 1-14.
  • Ahire, S. A., Gorman, M. F., Dwiggens, D., Mudrey, O. (2007). Operations Research Helps Reshape Operations Strategy at Standard Register Company. Interfaces, 37(6), 553-565. 
  • Gorman, M. F., Ahire, S. (2006). A Major Appliance Manufacturer Rethinks its Inventory Policies for Service Vehicles. Interfaces, 36(5), 407-419. 2005 Wagner Award Finalist.
  • Gorman, M. F., Kanet, J. J. (2005). Evaluating Operations Management-Related Journals via the Author Affiliation Index. Manufacturing and Service Operations Management, 7(1), 3-19.
  • Brannon, J. I., Gorman, M. F. (2002). The Effects of Information Costs on Search and Convergence in Experimental Markets. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 47(4), 375-390.
  • Gorman, M. F. (2001). Intermodal Pricing Model Creates a Network Pricing Perspective at BNSF. Interfaces, 31(4), 37-49.
  • Gorman, M. F., Brannon, J. I. (2000). Seasonality and the Production-Smoothing Model. International Journal of Production Economics, 65(2), 173-178.
  • Gorman, M. F. (1998). An Application of Genetic and Tabu Searches to the Freight Railroad Operating Plan Problem. Annals of Operations Research, 78, 51-69.
  • Gorman, M. F. (1998). Santa Fe Railway Uses Operating Plan Model to Improve its Service Design. Interfaces, 28(4), 1-12.

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