Joaquin Alberto Barrios

Assistant Professor
Full-Time Faculty
School of Education and Health Sciences: Doctor of Physical Therapy

  • Location: College Park Center, Room 209D
  • Phone: 937-229-5609
  • Email: Contact


  • Ph.D., Biomechanics & Movement Science, University of Delaware
  • D.P.T., Physical Therapy, Duke University
  • B.S., Exercise Science, Creighton University

Licensures & Certifications

  • Licensed Ohio Physical Therapist
  • Certified Clinical Instructor, American Physical Therapy Association
  • Heartsaver AED, American Heart Association

Professional Activities

  • American Physical Therapy Association
  • American Society of Biomechanics
  • American College of Sports Medicine

Selected Publications

  • Barrios, J.A., Butler, R.J., Crenshaw, J.R., Royer, T.D., & Davis, I.S. (2012). Mechanical Effectiveness of Lateral Foot Wedging in Medial Knee Osteoarthritis After 1 Year of Wear. Journal of Orthopaedic Research, 1-6. Read (pdf) >>
  • Butler, R.J., Barrios, J.A., Royer, T., & Davis, I.S. (August 2011). Frontal-Plane Gait Mechanics in People with Medial Knee Osteoarthritis Are Different from Those in People with Lateral Knee Osteoarthritis. Physical Therapy Journal, 91(8):1-9. View journal >>
  • Barrios J.A., T.D. Royer, & I.S. Davis. (2011).  Dynamic versus radiographic alignment in relation to medial knee loading in symptomatic osteoarthritis.  Journal of Applied Biomechanics.
  • Barrios, J.A., K.M. Crossley, & I.S. Davis. (2010).  Gait retraining to reduce the knee adduction moment through real-time visual feedback of dynamic knee alignment. Journal of Biomechanics, 43:2208-2213. 
  • Barrios, J.A., I.S. Davis, J.S. Higginson, & T.D. Royer. (2009).  Lower extremity walking mechanics of young individuals with asymptomatic varus knee alignment.  Journal of Orthopedic Research, 27:1414-1419. 
  • Barrios, J.A., J.R. Crenshaw, T.D. Royer, & I.S. Davis. (2009). Walking shoes and laterally wedged orthoses in the clinical management of medial tibiofemoral osteoarthritis: a one-year prospective controlled trial. Knee, 16:136-142. 
  • Barrios, J.A., J.S. Higginson, T.D. Royer, & I.S. Davis. (2009). Static and dynamic correlates of the knee adduction moment in healthy knees ranging from normal to varus-aligned. Clinical Biomechanics, 24:850-854. 
  • Butler R.J., J.A. Barrios, T.D. Royer, & I.S. Davis. (2009). Effect of laterally wedged foot orthoses on rearfoot and hip mechanics in patients with medial knee osteoarthritis. Prosthetics and Orthotics International, 33:107-116.