Mary-Kate Sableski

Clinical Administrator, Graduate Reading Program
Full-Time Faculty
School of Education and Health Sciences: Teacher Education

  • Location: College Park Center, Room 680P
  • Phone: 937-229-3910
  • Email: Contact

Courses Taught

  • EDT 601 Phonics, Spelling and Vocabulary
  • EDT 603 Teaching Reading through Literature
  • EDT 605 Advanced Study in Reading and Language Arts
  • EDT 606 Assessment and Evaluation of Reading Difficulties
  • EDT 607 Reading Program
  • EDT 608 The Writing Classroom
  • EDT 650 Professional Development of Teacher Leaders


  • Ph.D., Language, Literacy and Culture, The Ohio State University
  • M.S.Ed., Literacy, University of Dayton
  • B.S.Ed., Elementary and Special Education, University of Dayton

Professional Activities

  • National Council of Teachers of English
  • International Reading Association
  • Literacy Research Association
  • Dayton Area Commission on Education

Research Interests

  • Struggling readers
  • Identity development
  • Online learing
  • Collaborative learning
  • Portrayal of disabilities in children's literature

Selected Publications

Books and book chapters

  • Sableski, M. (2009). Phonics. Encyclopedia of Educational Reform and Dissent. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.
  • Sableski, M.K., & J. Arnold. (2009). Reading reform. Encyclopedia of Educational Reform and Dissent. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.
  • Arnold, J.M., & M.K. Sableski. (2007). Charles Judd: His contributions to the field of reading. In S. E. Israel & E. J. Mongahan (Eds.), Reading pioneers: Historical accounts of earlier, outstanding contributions to the field of reading (101-118). Newark, DE: International Reading Association.

Journal articles

  • Sableski, M. (2009). Scaffolding as an impetus for change when working with struggling readers. Journal of Reading Education.
  • Sableski, M. (2008). Reading assessment: over the river and through the woods. History of Reading News, 31(2):1-4.