Paul McManamon

Technical Director, Ladar and Optical Communications Institute (LOCI)
Part-Time Faculty
School of Engineering: Electro-Optics Graduate Engineering Program

  • Location: College Park Center Room 580Q
  • Phone: 937-344-3921 (cell)
  • Email: Contact


Selected Publications

  • Shi, L., P.F. McManamon, D. Bryant, K. Zhang, and P.J. Bos. 2010. The dynamics of a liquid crystal variable optical prism based on Pancharatnam phase. Applied Optics 49, no. 6 (February 20): 976-985.
  • Han, W., J.W. Haus, P. McManamon, J. Heikenfeld, N. Smith, and J. Yang. 2009.  Transmissive beam steering through electrowetting microprism arrays. Opt. Comm. doi:10.1016/j.optcom.2009.11.013.
  • Itoh,K., B. Javidi, P.F. McManamon, W. Osten, R.F. Leheny. 2009. Optics and photonics for security and defense. Proceedings of IEEE, 97, no. 6, art #4912387: 954-956.
  • McManamon, P.F., P.J. Bos, M.J. Escuti, J. Heikenfeld, S. Serati, H. Xie, and E.A. Watson. 2009. A review of phased array steering for narrow-band electrooptical systems. Proceedings of IEEE 97, no. 6 (June): 1078-1096.
  • Shi, L., P.F. McManamon, and P.J. Bos. 2008. Liquid crystal optical phase plate with a variable in plane gradient. Journal of Applied Physics 104, no. 033109.
  • Wang, Xinghua, Bin Wang, Philip J. Bos, P.F. McManamon, et al. 2007. Modeling and performance limits of a large aperture high-resolution wavefront control system based on a liquid crystal spatial light modulator. Optical Engineering 46, no. 04 (April 1): 044001.
  • McManamon, P.F., Jianru Shi, and Phil Bos. 2005. Broadband optical phased array beam steering. Optical Engineering (December): 128004.
  • Wang, Bin , Guoqiang Zhang, Anatoliy Glushchenko, John L.West, Philip J. Bos, and Paul F. McManamon. 2005. Stressed liquid-crystal optical phased array for fast tip-tilt wavefront correction. Appl.Opt. 44: 7754-7759.
  • Wang, X., B.Wang, P.J. Bos, P.F. McManamon, J.J. Pouch, F.A. Miranda, and J.E. Anderson. Modeling and design of an optimized liquid crystal optical phased array. Journal of Applied Physics 98, no.7, art #073101: 1-8.
  • McManamon, P.F., and W. Thompson. 2002. Phased array of phased arrays (PAPA) laser systems architecture. IEEE Aerospace, refereed conference (March).
  • McManamon, P.F., and E.A.Watson. 2001. Design of optical phased array beam steering with limited dispersion. IEEE Aerospace, refereed conference (March).
  • McManamon, P.F., E.A.Watson, and M. Eismann. 1998. Low cost multifunction sensing. IEEE Aerospace, refereed conference (April).
  • Hardie, R., M. Vaidyanathan, and P.F. McManamon. 1998. Spectral band selection and classifier design for a multispectral imaging laser radar. Donald C. O'Shea, ed., Journal: Optical Engineering 37, no. 03 (March): 752-762.
  • McManamon, P.F., T.A. Dorschner, D.C. Corkum, L.J. Friedman, D.S. Hobbs, M.K.O. Holz, S.Liberman, H. Nguyen, D.P. Resler, R.C. Sharp, and E.A. Watson. 1996. Optical phased array technology. Proceedings of IEEE 84, no. 2 (February): 268-298.
  • Barnard,K., E. Watson, and P.F. McManamon. 1994. Nonmechanical microscanning using optical space-fed phased arrays. Optical Engineering 33, no. 9 (September): 3063-3071.
  • McManamon, P.F., E.A. Watson, T.A. Dorschner, and L.J. Barnes. 1993. Applications look at the use of liquid crystal writable gratings for steering passive radiation. Optical Engineering (November).
  • Salisbury, M.S., P.F. McManamon, and B.D. Duncan. 1993. Signal to noise improvement of a one micron ladar system incorporating an optical fiber preamplifier. Optical Engineering (November).
  • Salisbury, M.S., P.F. McManamon, B.D. Duncan, J.A. Overbeck, S.H. McCracken, and P.F.McManamon. 1993. Comparison of detection techniques using 2um ladar. Optical Engineering (November).
  • McManamon, P.F. 2006. Is Europe running fast enough. Electro-Optics Magazine (January).
  • McManamon, P.F. 2006. Optical phased array technology. Optics and Photonics News 17 (January): 24-29.
  • McManamon, P.F. 2003. Putting on the shift. OE Magazine (April): 15-17.
  • McManamon, P.F., and W. Thompson. Phased array of phased arrays ( PAPA) Taylor & Francis, Laser Systems Architecture 22, Fiber and Integrated Optics: 79-88.

Selected Patents

  • Balanced mixer laser radar receiver
  • Micromirror, and method for producing micromirror, filed August 3, 2009, Huikai Xie, Sarah Maley, Paul McManamon, Thomas Nelson, Lei Wu, Andrea Pais, Kemiao Jia
  • Tunable liquid crystal devices, devices using same, and methods of making and using same, filed September 11, 2007, Lei Shi, Philip J. Bos, Paul F. Mcmanamon

Honors and Awards

  • 2008, award winner for best paper at ATR Conference, Defense, Security, and Sensing, DSS, Symposium
  • 2006, President of SPIE, The International Society for Optics and Photonics
  • 2006, Meritorious Presidential Rank Award, presented by Air Force Secretary Wynn.  Washington citation: "for his dynamic and visionary leadership in the development of sensor and countermeasure technology for the United States Air Force, and for his international leadership of optical engineering community."
  • 2003, Harrell V. Nobel award for recognition in electron devices, Dayton, Ohio, section of IEEE
  • 1998, W.R.G. Baker award for best paper in any IEEE journal or publication, which includes over 100 separate refereed journals, containing over twenty thousand separate articles. This paper has been cited > 200 times in refereed journals.
  • Distinguished alumni, St. Ignatius High School, Cleveland, Ohio
  • Fellow, SPIE
  • Fellow, IEEE, the Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers
  • Fellow, OSA, the Optical Society of America
  • Fellow, MSS, the Military Sensing Symposia
  • Fellow, Air Force Research Laboratory, AFRL

Courses Taught

  • Introduction to Laser Radar


  • Ph.D., Physics, The Ohio State University
  • M.S., Physics, The Ohio State University
  • B.S., Physics, John Carroll University

Professional Activities

  • Co-chairperson, National Academy of Sciences, study initially called Harnessing Light 2
  • Member, Air Force Studies Board, study on ISR
  • Member, Steering Committee for DSS SPIE Symposium

Research Interests

  • Laser radar
  • Optical phased arrays
  • Multi-aperture EO systems
  • Sensing
  • Directed energy