Jasmine Whitlow

Graduate Assistant, Student Life
Graduate Assistant
Student Development: Center for Student Involvement

  • Location: Kennedy Union Rm. 241
  • Phone: 937-229-3333
  • Email: Contact


Key Responsibilities include:
  • Advises the Campus Activities Board (CAB), attends regional and national NACA conferences to select talent to come to campus, and assists CAB in developing, running and evaluating approximately 50 events per year.
  • Advises, with the Assistant Director and the Dean of Students, the Student Government Association (SGA), and attends the American Student Government National Summit
  • Advises the Campus Concert Committee, and assists in the planning, execution and evaluation of one large campus concert each year
  • Assists in the selection, training and evaluation of leadership for SGA, CAB and CCC
  • Serves on various divisional and institutional committees as needed