Image of Dayton community Lalanne teachers

Dayton Community Living

What to Bring

  • Bedding (linens)
  • Clothes for all seasons
  • Fun games, DVDs, and other recreational and entertainment items
  • Favorite recipe books
  • Luggage for breaks and visiting other communities
  • Beach towels and bath towels
  • Room decorations
  • Favorite beverage glasses and mugs, including travel mug
  • Toiletry organization baskets for sharing space in bathroom cabinets
  • Three-prong to two-prong electrical outlet adapters as bedrooms only have two-prong outlets
  • Curtains, if desired
  • Other personal items

What not to Bring

  • Kitchen supplies
  • Bedroom furniture
  • Window blinds

Here's Home

Image of Dayton Lalanne apartment building Image of Dayton Lalanne community dining room
Image of Dayton Lalanne community living room Image of Dayton Lalanne community kitchen