Welcome to the Urban Child Development Resource Center!

The Urban Child Development Resource Center (UCDRC) is a partnership between the University of Dayton's Center for Catholic Education and local Catholic schools. UCDRC's expertise is working with children from under-resourced neighborhoods and from diverse cultures.

Our primary goal is to establish and support a healthy learning environment in each classroom so that children are unencumbered by the stresses of everyday life and are able to focus and learn.

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We envision positive outcomes for students and families.

The vision of the Urban Child Development Resource Center is healthy students and families succeeding with skills for life.

Our mission is to enable students to achieve their full educational and social potential by empowering students and their families to achieve emotional, physical, and spiritual health within their own cultural framework.

We serve students, families, schools, and communities.

The Urban Child Development Resource Center serves more than 1,400 children who attend six local Catholic schools. These services include psycho-education, behavioral health consultation, counseling, behavioral health referral/follow-up, medical health education, and medical screening/referral/ follow-up along with:

  • Second Step (a violence prevention curriculum)
  • Talking About Touching (a personal safety program)
  • Individual counseling
  • Group counseling
  • Family counseling
  • Faculty and administration consultations
  • Crisis intervention
  • Safety assessments (homicidal and/or suicidal risk)
  • Appeals process committee
  • Clinical referrals and follow-up services
  • Clinical observations and screenings
  • UCDRC Peacemakers Group-Leadership and Service Organization
  • Peer mediation
  • Family Advocates-Social Workers to help families meet basic needs
  • In-service training for school staff

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Rhonda Mercs
Director, UCDRC
Center for Catholic Education