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Faculty Scholarship

Browse the titles below to review current scholarship produced by your faculty! The articles and books listed below were published within the past year. For additional faculty scholarship, please visit the faculty profiles in our directory >>


Counselor Education & Human ServicesArndt, K.J. (Spring 2012). "Speaking a New Language." Ohio Counseling Association Guidelines, 38(2):6-7. Read (pdf) >>


Counselor Education & Human Services

Davies, S.C., & La Riche, A. (Winter 2012). "Cultural Immersion Experience in Buenos Aires, Argentina," The Ohio School Psychologist, 57(2):14-17. View journal >>

Davies, S.C., & Peltz, L.J. (October 2012). "At-Risk Students in After-School Programs: Outcomes and Recommendations," Principal Leadership, 12-16. View journal >>

Davies, S.C., Russo, C.J., & Osborne, Jr., A.G. (September 2012). "759 Concussions and Student Sports: A Silent Epidemic," West's Education Law Reporter, 282(789): 1-8. 

David A. Dolph, Ph.D.

Educational LeadershipDolph, David. A. (May 2012). "Negoatiating in School Districts When Times Are Tough," School Business Affairs, 78(5):19-21. View journal >>

Charles J. Russo, J.D., Ed.D.

Educational Leadership

Russo, C.J. (Ed.) (2013). Key Legal Issues in Schools: The Ultimate Resource for School Business Officials. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield Education. View book >>

Russo, C.J. (January 2013). Bullying, the Law, and Safe Schools. School Business Affairs, 32-34. View journal >>

Russo, C.J. (2012). Reutter's The Law of Public Education, 8th Ed. New York, NY: Foundation Press. View book >>

Russo, C.J. (Ed.) (2012). Debating Issues in American Education: Religion in Schools. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press. View book >>

Davies, S.C., Russo, C.J., & Osborne, Jr., A.G. (September 2012). "759 Concussions and Student Sports: A Silent Epidemic," West's Education Law Reporter, 282(789): 1-8.

Russo, C.J., & Osborne, A.G. (March 2012). "Can the Law Keep Pace with Technology? Regulating Student Use of the Internet and Cyberspace." School Business Affairs, 35-38. View journal >>

Russo, C.J. (2012). "Child Abuse in Religious Institutions: Dealing with the Unspeakable." Education Law Journal, 100-109. View journal >>

Russo, C.J., & Thro, W.E. (2012). "Reflections on the Law and Curricular Values in American Schools." Peabody Journal of Education, 87:402-412. View abstract >>

Russo, C.J., & McGreal, P.E. (2012). "Religious Freedom in American Catholic Higher Education." Religion & Education,39:116-132. Read >>

Russo, C.J. (September 2012). "The Status of Teachers Unions: Are Rumors of Their Demise Exaggerated?" School Business Affairs, 33-38. View journal >>


Counselor Education & Human Services

Welkener, M.M., & Bowsher, A. (August 2012). "Soul-Building: Students' Perspectives on Meaning, Purpose, and the College Experience." Journal of College & Character, 13(3):1-11. View abstract >>