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Welcome to the Sport Management program!

Find a job on the court, in the media or at the gym. Sport management prepares you for professional opportunities in health clubs, newspapers, private sports clubs, sports organizations/federations, television and many areas of recreation.


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To prepare for the diverse responsibilities in the world of sport management, you will take courses in both sport management and business. Through your studies in sport management, you’ll gain an understanding of facilities, finance, human resource management, law, marketing, media and sales—and how they relate to sports.

You will select a competency from a variety of disciplines, and you will minor in either business administration or MBA-ready.

To gain hands-on experiences and prepare for a successful career, you will participate in two internships—one on-campus and one off-campus. These immersions are geared toward your future goals in the sport management field.

Check out the first place Dayton CVB Marketing video!

Project teams made 1-minute videos to market the Dayton CVB to youth and amateur sports. John Lastovich, Shane Brown, and Matthew Grilli won first place for their work.

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Here's what it takes to earn the B.S.

The Sport Management program prepares students for opportunities in sport, event, and facility management. In particular, Sport Management professionals gain positions in collegiate and professional organizations, sport clubs, and athletic federations, as well as public and private recreation. Opportunities are also available in arenas and convention centers, event management, and all forms of media.

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CMM 110 Group Dec-Making 1
CMM 111 Inform Public Sp 1
or CMM 112 Persuasive Public Sp
CMM 113 Interviewing 1
CPS 111 Intro-Personal Comp 3
ENG 100 Writing Seminar I 3
ENG 200 Writing Seminar II 3
HSS 101 Intro-Univ Exper 1
HSS 111 Intro-Sport Mangmnt 3
HSS 250 Prin of Sport Mngmnt 3
HSS 253 Sport Facility Ops 3
HSS 255 Sports Mgt Practicm 3
HSS 285 Sprts Mgt Field Expr 3
HSS 325 Women in Sport 3
or HSS 353 Sports Media
HSS 330 Leadership in Sport 3
HSS 349 Financng Sprt Opertns 3
HSS 354 Sprt-Global Communty 3
HSS 356 HR Managemnt in Sprt 3
HSS 357 Sports Marketing 3
HSS 358 Sales&Fundrsng Sport 3
HSS 448 Safty&Law- PE Sports 3
HSS 485 Sport Mgt Internship 3
HST 103 West and World 3
MTH 207 Intro to Statistics 3
PHL 103 Intro To Philosophy 3
REL 103 Intro to Religion 3

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