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Possible Career Paths
Career Paths with an HSS Degree

The John R. Schleppi Sport Management Career Enhancement Fund
The Schleppi Fund provides funding for a sport management major to attend a professional conference and explore career possibilities. The award, named for the first director of the Sport Management program at the university, is unique because it is awarded by a panel of seniors to a fellow student. Learn more >>

Cadaver Laboratory
Our cadaver laboratory, one of the most comprehensive for undergraduate education in Ohio, houses nine new cadavers each year. The laboratory allows for complete dissection throughout the semester, complementing exercise science and pre-physical therapy courses, such as human anatomy, biomechanics and athletic training.

Fitness Assessment Center
Established in 2006, the Fitness Assessment Center is a state-of-the-art facility equipped to test muscle strength, aerobic power and body composition using "gold standard" instrumentation rarely found in such a facility. Students can gain expertise in using equipment such as the isokinetic dynamometer, BodPod and metabolic cart for testing and research. Learn more about the Fitness Assessment Center and the BodPod >>