The Office of Operations & Technology

The Office of Operations & Technology provides technical support and guidance to faculty and staff within the School of Education & Health Sciences.


We enhance learning and teaching through the design, development, and maintenance of the technology-enhanced learning infrastructure for the school. We also acquire and offer operations support for computer hardware and software as well as other equipment, including projectors, laptops and cameras for classroom and other professional use.


Our team maintains the School of Education & Health Sciences web pages as well as our presence on Porches. We drive, collect, and manage web content, provide technical web support, and format and maintain the school's website.

Supporting the school and university community.

Through our support, we assist the School of Education & Health Sciences in its mission to provide a student-centered curriculum that prepares our students for the technologically advanced workplace that they will soon enter.

In addition to on-campus faculty and staff, we also support a variety of the school's outreach programs, including the following:

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Image for Josh Schrank

Schrank, Josh 

Director of Operations, Office of Operations & TechnologyStaffSchool of Education and Health Sciences
Image for Chad Brown

Brown, Chad 

Technology Support SpecialistStaffSchool of Education and Health Sciences
Image for Christina Dendy

Dendy, Christina 

Web Content SpecialistStaffSchool of Education and Health Sciences

Need some technical help?

Not sure how to navigate Acrobat, Word, or another application? Check out these helpful (and quick) tutorials from Atomic Learning. You should log in automatically, but if you hit a block, enter your UD ID and password.


We will be adding more tutorials shortly. Please check back! 


Interested in training and other support?

Learning Teaching Center
The Learning Teaching Center (LTC) offers a variety of student, faculty and staff training and learning tools, including IT training in supported software platforms. It also the home of the Write Place, providing services to help enhance writing competency across disciplines.

HR Training
Human Resources provides regular training opportunities in university-specific policies and procedures as well as skills training for administrative support positions and general topics of interest.

UDit Information Technologies
UDit provides general technological and accounts support campus-wide.

Student Computer Requirements
Not sure you have what you need? Review the student computer requirements.

University Tech Shop
The UD Tech Shop stops the latest in software and hardware technology needs for students.

Atomic Learning
Atomic Learning offers an array of online training and tutorial options, ranging from various software platforms to iPhones to curriculum planning.

Safari Books
Safari Books gives access to the latest in print tutorials and software guides.

Need space for a conference, training, workshop, or other event?

Visit the Astra Schedule Calendar >>

To begin, check the calendars for potential rooms to get a sense of availability. In the upper right corner, click on the Filter dropdown menu to select certain rooms to view on the calendar, such as the computer labs in Chaminade. 

If you know when you need to schedule a room, click on the green Request Event button in the upper right corner. Then, follow these steps:

  • Enter a title for your event, and select the type of room that you would like to request from the dropdown menu.
  • Enter as much information as you can about your event. Be sure to enter your department, and a contact person. 
  • Click on Add/Remove Meetings to enter specific dates and times. Be sure to enter a start and an end time for your event.
  • When you have finished, click on Submit Request. You will receive a confirmation.

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Office of Operations & Technology
300 College Park Ave.
Dayton, OH 45469-2969

Office Location: College Park Center, Suite 618

Josh Schrank
Director of Operations

Chad Brown
Technology Support Specialist
937-229 -5674

Christina Dendy
Web Content Specialist