Kettering Laboratories

Forms and Resources, Graduate


Notification of Oral Examination for M.S. (DOC)
Program of Study - M.S. (DOC)
Program of Study - M.S. - Amendment (DOC)


Advisory Committee Appointment (DOC)
Candidacy Exam Report (DOC)
Change of Grade (DOC)
Dissertation Defense Report (DOC)
Plan of Study with Master's (DOCX)
Plan of Study without Master's (DOCX)
Program of Study Amendment (DOC)
Request to Schedule Dissertation Defense (DOC)            


School of Engineering Safety Manual (PDF)

Safety Manual APPENDICES



Academic Recovery Contract (DOC)
Approval for Retake of Graduate Course (DOC)
Thesis/Dissertation Signature Page (DOC)
Thesis/Dissertation Submittal Receipt (DOC)
Deferment Application and Instructions
Graduate Assistant Action Form (DOC)
Graduate Mathematic Course (PDF)

The following forms can be found on


Change of Program/Reactivation
GA Additional Work
GA Contract
Graduate Course Proposal
Graduate Student Certification
Program Time Limit Extension
Summer Fellowship Cover Sheet
Summer Fellowship Guidelines
Transfer Credit Request
Travel Support Request