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A Daring Innovator

01.03.2012 | Students, Campus and Community

The University's chief recruiter of students is getting national attention for his innovation and success. More


The 100-Year Effect

12.27.2011 | Energy and Environment, Engineering, Science

'Dayton Daily News' chronicles how the School of Engineering has helped the University become a national leader in aerospace and energy research. More


A New Smart Car?

12.20.2011 | Research, Engineering, Faculty

Think again if you think you can't change your car's fuel usage. A new book hopes to help engineers make cars that "show" consumers how to save fuel. More


Is it Safe?

12.15.2011 | Engineering, Faculty, Science, Health, Research

The NIH awarded $350,000 to the University to study the potential negative effects of nanoparticles in common, everyday products. More


What Does it Mean to be Human?

12.02.2011 | Students, Education, Campus and Community

An age-old question is inspiring a contemporary curriculum. A new undergraduate curriculum will launch in 2013. More


Winter Wonderland

11.28.2011 | Service and Giving, Campus and Community, Students

Students will welcome Dayton-area school children to a winter wonderland of cartoon characters, games and Santa Claus during Christmas on Campus. More


Building Buzz

11.22.2011 | Students, Culture and Society, Hot Topics

High school seniors are invited to create videos on what servant-leadership means to them and compete for a total of $50,000. More


Pushing the Throttle Up

11.17.2011 | Engineering, Research, Business, Science, Faculty, Students

With two companies already recruited to the Ohio Aerospace Hub, director Kerry Taylor is looking for more. More


Engineering for a Cause

11.17.2011 | Engineering, Students, Culture and Society, Faculty, Catholic

A new book calls for engineering schools to broaden its education to explore how engineers can better respect the environment and service the poor. More


The Greater Good

11.14.2011 | Research, Campus and Community, Hot Topics

The University of Dayton's new national television commercial takes viewers on a visually powerful, animated journey. More