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Pomp and Cyberspace

12.17.2010 | Students

Distance is no longer a barrier to proud families and friends who want to see their University of Dayton student pick up a diploma. More


In High Demand

12.07.2010 | International, Research, Campus and Community, Engineering

The Indian Institute of Science named researcher Dilip Ballal its first Pratt & Whitney Distinguished Visiting Professor in Gas Turbine Engineering. More


Boosting 'Best in Class'

12.02.2010 | Engineering

Project-based learning in engineering innovation has been called "best in class," and it will get a boost from an alumni gift. More


Research for Job Creation

11.18.2010 | Faculty, Engineering, Research

With nine inventions between them, the University hopes the research of Scott Gold and Khalid Lafdi will create technologies that could lead to jobs. More


With Honors

11.16.2010 | Research, Engineering, Faculty

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers will present researcher Dilip Ballal its highest international award in gas turbine technology. More


Spotlight on Advanced Research

11.02.2010 | Research, Science, Business, Engineering, Law, Education

University of Dayton researchers will share their advances in scholarship to create conversation and spur cross-campus partnerships. More


Telling Our Story

10.19.2010 | President

The University of Dayton, its faculty, students and programs are making news, and the world is taking notice. More


Not Just Some Ordinary Yo-Yo

10.15.2010 | Business, Engineering, Students

A student's invention has caught the attention of a major toy company and netted an invitation to speak at the National Innovation Summit. More


What Will You Take Away?

10.11.2010 | Campus and Community, Students

Question: What can a stuffed penguin, a bag of cat food and a canteen tell you about the University of Dayton? More


September News Briefs

09.16.2010 | Engineering, Education, Law, Campus and Community, President, Faculty, Business

Campus will be alive with events featuring Stephen King's birthday, a "food fight," a giant paper chain and a discussion about whether trademark laws are outdated, among others. School of Law names Susan Wawrose director of the School of Law's graduate law programs. More