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Campus Report Sep 5, 2007

09.05.2007 | Science, Campus and Community, Engineering, Research

The U.S. Air Force has asked the University of Dayton Research Institute to help keep its A-10 fleet flying safely. More


Campus Report July 5, 2007

07.05.2007 | Engineering, Faculty

People in action around campus. More


Keep Your Motor Running

05.18.2007 | Engineering, Research, Faculty

Research findings will help revolutionize aircraft engine design with the promise of reduced costs and increased capabilities. More


New Ideas Born in a Barn

03.23.2007 | Engineering

Nearly a century ago, local engineers Colonel Edward Deeds and Charles Kettering gathered the region's engineers into Deeds' barn to exchange ideas, problems and solutions. School of Engineering Dean Joseph Saliba hopes the "new barn" he helped raise becomes what Deeds' barn did for Dayton a century ago. More


The Fatigue Factor

09.06.2006 | Faculty, Engineering

The U.S. Air Force has contracted a UD civil engineering professor to find ways to predict where and how fast material deteriorates in high-energy situations. By predicting wear and tear, catastrophic failures may be averted by preventative maintenance. More


Tablets for Engineers

05.17.2006 | Students, Engineering

The University of Dayton will pilot tablet personal computers in the School of Engineering. Tablet computers allow students to write formulas on the screen and even sketch diagrams. More


Where Have All the Young Engineers Gone?

02.10.2006 | Campus and Community, Students, Engineering

School of Engineering will celebrate National Engineers Week with geeky garb, egg dropping and calculator crushing to expose the fun side of an industry being avoided by the nation's youth. More


UDRI Hits Fast Forward on Airplane Problems

07.12.2005 | Engineering, Research

The UD Research Institute and the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory are working to reduce the amount of time air travelers lose to mechanical delays. Their goal is to create an automated structural health monitoring system that quickly identifies aircraft problems so planes can get off the ground faster. More


Students Work on Safer Weed Control Device

06.01.2005 | Engineering, Students

The kinder, gentler weed whacker hopes to be an alternative to herbicides, which can harm pets and children, and organic versions that take longer to work and are less effective. More