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Studying Abroad

07.29.2013 | Culture and Society, Campus and Community, International

International students get a taste of life on a U.S. college campus during a four-week summer program. More


A Headstart

07.16.2013 | Engineering, Students, Culture and Society

In an effort to attract more minority students to STEM fields, the University offers a free weeklong immersion program for youth across the nation. More


Brick and Mortarboard

07.12.2013 | Science, Research, Hot Topics, Students, Campus and Community, Engineering

WVXU-FM's Focus on Technology previews the opportunities for research at the new facility built by the University of Dayton and GE Aviation. More


On Pace

07.12.2013 | Students

When hundreds of students moved out of Founders Hall in May, 60 contractors moved in to complete a fast-track $10 million renovation. More


Intelligence Decisions

07.10.2013 | Engineering, Students, International, Hot Topics, Science

U.S. Air Force and Clarkson Aerospace are helping students interested in nanotechnology, analysis and intelligence fields get head starts in their careers. More


Insurance Policy

07.09.2013 | Research, Engineering, Faculty

Two million miles of pipeline span the U.S., so safety is a must. Vision Lab researchers are working on identifying threats and damage more quickly. More


Uncommon Knowledge

07.03.2013 | Catholic, Students, Campus and Community

A major revision to the undergraduate curriculum weaves Catholic, Marianist principles into every aspect of a University of Dayton education. More


Finishing Touches

06.18.2013 | Research, Hot Topics, Campus and Community, Students, Science, Engineering

GE Aviation's new Electrical Power Integrated Systems Center on campus moves closer to completion with the installation of specialized test equipment. More


Jolly Good Fellow

06.11.2013 | Faculty, Research, Engineering

The international society for optics and photonics named Qiwen Zhan a fellow, a designation bestowed on less than 6 percent of the society's members. More


Going Home

05.23.2013 | Catholic, Service and Giving, Students

As they've done for nearly half a century, students will live among the people of Salyersville, Ky., this summer. More