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The Center for Competitive Change Delivers 20+ Years of Experience.

The Center for Competitive Change and our 20+ years of experience in continuous process improvement tools can help you and your organization improve productivity, reduce unwanted costs and exceed customer expectations. Our mission is to empower and engage you and your employees to achieve business and operational excellence. Our team is comprised of industry experts and actual practitioners who provide unique and customized programs not offered anywhere else in the country. Whether you attend one of our publicly offered programs or we come to you and provide specific, targeted programs or coaching at your organization, we know you'll see the benefits of our services!

"The Center for Competitive Change has the right model for working with local businesses . . . ." —Michael Casella, President, FC Industries  Read more of what our customers are saying!

We provide Innovative, Performance-based Learning Solutions.

Founded in 1988, the Center for Competitive Change has helped clients save millions of dollars by delivering innovative, performance-based learning solutions, especially in the areas of Lean and Lean Six Sigma. Located at the University of Dayton's School of Engineering in Dayton, Ohio, the Center for Competitive Change has worked with over 1000 of the country's top regional and global organizations and provided learning events that integrate learning and immediate, applied action.


The Center for Competitive Change provides integrated performance-based, learning events to help our clients achieve business and operational excellence. Through an applied learning approach, we help organizations assess, develop, and implement world-class culture transformation. We achieve this position by maintaining extensive, top-value learning events (training) and performance accelerator programs (products and services).

You'll Work with Expert Consultants.

Register to attend a public workshop and work with top consultants in their fields. You'll gain the confidence and knowledge to solve your organization's needs, support your leaders, improve your workforce, and build competitiveness. Ask us about on-site workshops — our facilitators come to your organization and blend with onsite situation analysis to create a result that focuses on your solutions and developing your team.

We'll get you the information you need, just choose one of the following options:

Lean, Lean Six Sigma, ISO . . . which continuous improvement tool should I pursue? I need more information . . .


Lean Six Sigma


Use if your



Visual changes and right now time Analytical studies of data, charts and analysis Business Process Mapped and Standardized with Responsibility and Authority. Continual Improvement with internal auditing and preventive action.

Main Focus

Waste Reduction Variation Reduction Remove Inconsistencies

Main Theory

"If we focus on waste removal, then flow time will improve." "If we focus on reducing variation, then we will have more uniform process output." "If we focus on consistency of the process of work instructions and evidence, each work step will be correctly completed or executed."



Focus on waste and time results in less variation, uniform output and less inventory Focus on reducing variation and achieving uniform process results in less waste, less throughput time and less inventory Provides guidance in the development and implementation of an effective quality management system

"Field" tested Lean, ISO, OD and Lean Six Sigma Products.

We've accumulated a long list of lean, ISO, OD and Lean Six Sigma products that have been "field" tested. Many of our products come from the same expert facilitators you've worked with in one or more of our learning events. These products expand the world of Lean, ISO, Mergers and Acquisitions and other specific workshops that help you, our client, advance to the next level of operating performance.

  • Strategy Deployment (Hoshin Kanri)
  • RASI Pro
  • Get Lean Master Series® Certification
  • Lean Assessment
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • ISO Audits


The Center continues to develop numerous tools for use in handling your routine business and for pushing your expertise to the next level. With technology developing at the speed of light, more management tools become available every day. To help you stay ahead of the competition, we continue to identify certain tools which will help you achieve a new level of productivity at your workplace.

  • Onsite Training
  • Accelerator Program – Learning to Implementation in 5 days
  • Facility & Production Flow Change
  • Culture Change
  • A3 Problem Solving
  • Set Up Reduction
  • Implementing 5S & 7S Visual Systems
  • Kaizen Blitzes and How to Conduct Them
  • Lean Six Sigma Training and Coaching
  • Total Productive Maintenance TPM
  • Kanban Development and Maintenance
  • Consulting – Coaching & Mentoring In Lean Start-up and Corrections
  • Organization Development
  • Meeting & Communication Planning – Project Management, Value Stream Mapping the Facility, Cell Development, Creating Standard Work, Identifying Waste


In addition to the Products and Services listed above, we offer both public and onsite workshops covering Lean, Lean Six Sigma, and Project Management.

Let our team increase your resource levels of expertise and capabilities.

Our core strengths are based on early roots with the Japanese masters of lean. Over the years, our leadership team — Carol Shaw, Cash Powell and Paul Piechota — has led clients to achieve regional and national recognition and increased their resource levels of expertise and capabilities using proven tools of success. Theory, practice and performance come together from their knowledge and skills and foundational practices. Our people are the strength of this organization bringing the core ingredient that makes our business team superior over our competition.

We incorporate a strong nationally-known buffer team of subject matter experts crossing each of the lean, ISO and Lean Six Sigma vocations. From customers to factory floor to suppliers, from health care organizations to educational institutions, the Center for Competitive Change continues as an effective provider of performance-based training and education that are designed to meet the needs of organizations who seek change.

Center for Competitive Change Leadership Team

Support for your organization comes from a team of people that continuously exhibit common values, interests, and goals. Our people are the strength of this organization. Our team:

We have provided state-of-the-art training and consulting since 1988.

"We had to either cut costs or cut employees. We decided to see if we could cut costs. The Center for Competitive Change has the right model for working with local businesses. They understand we are not interested in an academic exercise. We need practical, hands-on help to survive. The consultant was able to break through the barriers within the shop floor and build immediate rapport. He was able to take complex issues and make them down to earth and practical."  -Michael Casella, President, FC Industries 

"AS an ISO certified organization, we had already been exposed to these tools. Going through this process, we realized how these concepts can be used in a more practical way. These tools can be applied to everything, everywhere, everyday. The University of Dayton Center for Competitive Change was willing to listen and observe our company. They then effectively diagnosed our problems and were able to explain things in a useable way. We are looking forward to expanding our Lean Six Sigma efforts throughout the organization."  -Rick Mamula, Vice President, United Grinding Technologies

"We were running out of solutions and needed a new way to solve problems. The consultant came to our facility, analyzed our situation and tailor-made a program to fit our needs. This flexibility was the number one reason why we chose to work with the University of Dayton Center for Competitive Change."  -Alex Seder, Business Unit Operations Manager, Moyno 


You can start anywhere − begin with a Comprehensive Plan or just some basic training. Whether a large corporation or a small shop, we can design a program for you.

Take a look at how we have helped organizations similar to yours.

Comprehensive-based Solutions

You have concerns about overall business strategy and how the several areas impact one another. You'd like management guidance and solutions based on an analysis and plan for your organization.

Comprehensive-Based Solutions Success >>

Situation-based Solutions

You have a goal or situation and want to achieve it through the acceleration of lean-sigma based tools with organic learning – at your place with your people.

Situation-Based Solutions Success >>

Pinpoint-Based Lean-Sigma Training Solutions

You have a need to attend our public lean-sigma based training to address specific, targeted organizational needs or for your professional development and advancement.

Pinpoint-Based Lean-Sigma Training Success >>

  • Kettering Health Network
  • Honda of America, Mfg.
  • MetLife Auto & Home
  • Liberty Bank
  • WESCO Distribution
  • Goodrich Aircraft Wheels and Brakes

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For registration or for more information, contact:
Teri Stemley
(937) 229-4632

Seth Hummel, Lead Coach - Sales & Marketing
(937) 673-3732

Public programs vary between the following locations:

University of Dayton River Campus
(former location of NCR World Headquarters)
1700 S. Patterson Blvd.
Dayton, Ohio 45469

Voice of America Learning Center
7847 VOA Park Drive
Corner of VOA Park Drive and Cox Road
West Chester, Ohio  45069