It has always been true — great work begins by having the best people . . . then phenomenal work happens.  The Center for Competitive Change reflects this truth.  Our team started with Carol Shaw who envisioned an opportunity for U.S. manufacturing to learn from the Japanese lean masters.  From there, it has been all about performance.

In today's fast-paced world, where time is the common measurement, it is impossible to be all things to all people within one organization or on one team.  Therefore, it has been critical to the Center to build strong and trusting relationships with alliances who will complement our expertise and overall service offerings.  Recognizing this, our staff works together with our facilitators and partners, and has for 20+ years, to develop solid relationships. 

In turn, our clients benefit from our alliances, our diversity of programs as well as our top-level consulting expertise.  Together, with our Subject Matter Experts, we maintain a core competency of skills that supports a wide range of business knowledge that we use to create a successful long-term, personalized plan for our clients. 

Since 1988, the Center has built trusted alliances with our partners and facilitators who support your needs.  These relationships, selected and developed from a mutual philosophy, serve you and your organization with the highest level of professional integrity.