Since 1988, the Center has built long-term and trusted alliances with our partners and facilitators who support the needs of our clients.

Partner Programs

The Center partners with industry-leading solution, technology, and service providers around the world to help our clients achieve and measure performance gains, improve profitability, and drive business values.

The targeted nature of our performance-based learning events enables the Center for Competitive Change to help our clients better capture the momentum of effective, efficient performance, now. Partnering with the Center creates opportunities to promote, build, and deliver the benefits of lean learning to customers across the world. Through partnership with consulting firms, software manufacturers, and technology vendors, the Center and its partners leverage their collective strengths to offer full-integrated solutions that measure performance and improve profitability. This helps you and your organization achieve significant return on investment and clear, clean venues to gain that competitive edge.

Find a Partner

Our partners are an essential component to our business and the products we offer to you. Our partners range from Online Learning and Management Solutions, Process Improvement, Organizational Performance Improvement, Leadership Development, to Senior IT Resources created to assist you with business development.

Become a Partner

The Center looks for partners with those companies committed to superior customer learning and service to maximize a client’s market opportunities through a collaborative and flexible approach. Individuals interested are invited to discover the many benefits of becoming a Center for Competitive Change partner. Contact us to request an application and start the process of becoming a Center for Competitive Change partner.