Electro-Optics Laser Image

Technical Presentations


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SPIE Presentation at Optics and Photonics Conference August (2011), “Transfer matrix approach to propagation of     angular plane wave spectra through metamaterial multilayer structures,” By G. Nehmetallah,

OSA Presentation at the Topical Meeting in Digital Holography and  Three-Dimensional Imaging (DH), Tokyo, Japan, May 9-11 (2011), “Digital Holographic Tomography for 3-D Visualization,” by G. Nehmetallah.

N. Katte, J. W. Haus,  P. E. Powers, A. Sarangan, J. Gao, and M. Scalora, “z-scan simulations on metallodielectric stacks with nonlinear absorption,” Special session on Nonlinear Metamaterials IV, San Diego, CA August, 2011.   

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