Porto de Moz, Brazil

A combined 18 hour plane ride, a 1 hour taxi trip, and an 8 hour journey down the Xingu River in the Amazon is what it takes to get to Porto de Moz, Brazil. ETHOS began sending students to this remote location in 2011 to work on solar technologies with the Xingu Mission. Xingu Mission is a non-denominational, charitable organization that has been serving the people of the Xingu region for over 15 years. They have proven to give our students great technical opportunities and an adventurous immersion.

Project Highlight: Solar PV Encapsulation

In 2013, the ETHOS students continued the work from previous years with the Xingu Mission to provide solar photovoltaic (PV) panels that will harness this solar energy and make it available for local use. The ETHOS group experimented with the encapsulation of the PV modules, seeking to prove the efficiency. By the end of the summer, the group had developed a method to reduce the encapsulate, valuable material used in this process, by 13%. 

"Brazil was an unbelievable adventure that I will never forget. The welcoming people I met, the jaw-dropping scenery, and a fascinating project made the experience one that changed my life for the better."
-     Colin Dempsey, 2013 ETHOS Participant, Brazil

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